4 Reasons to Jump Into Crypto Discord

Discord Is Not Solely for Gamers

Why Join Crypto Discord? 4 Reasons

Your favorite crypto projects and discussions

  • Decentraland — a blockchain game based on Ethereum where you can create an avatar, trade land, and host events on it. In the Decentraland Discord server, you will find project updates, announcements of events in the metaverse, discussions regarding the Decentraland DAO, and of course, some NFT memes.
  • OpenSea is one of Ethereum’s biggest NFT marketplaces. In its server, you can keep track of newly listed collections and platform updates; it’s also a good source of information for market analysts and developers.
  • Solana is a more technically-oriented server dedicated to the fastest blockchain among all dApp platforms. The community hosts discussions on specific network issues, shares announcements for jobs and hackathons in Solana.
  • Ethereum.org is another tech server of a smart contract blockchain. It does not officially represent the Ethereum foundation but offers discussions on the Ethereum roadmap, improvement proposals, and much more. The moderators do their best to make all discussion participants feel comfortable in the server.

Live news and social media feed in one place

NFT drop announcements

  • NFT Calendar publishes the lists of NFT airdrops happening soon and announces upcoming releases. All listed NFTs have passed through the whitelisting procedure so you can be sure there are only valid collections. The displayed NFTs are listed on OpenSea, Rarible, and other respected platforms. The release dates are provided.
  • NFT Drops Daily is a server where you can also find announcements of new NFT drops and giveaways.
  • NFT is a community that features all kinds of NFTs related to music, gaming, and sports. For those thinking of building their own collections there is an “introduce yourself” channel that helps find a dev or an artist.

Collecting feedback from the community

ChangeNOW Has Embraced Discord

  • Take part in live discussions crypto swaps, platform updates, and new listings,
  • Follow news from all our media — everything that we have to offer in one place,
  • Ask questions and raise concerns about what you think we could improve,
  • Get rewarded for your activity. Stay tuned to learn more!



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