5 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

If your cryptocurrency is spread across multiple wallets and exchanges, it may be difficult to keep track of how much you own. Portfolio trackers can solve this problem: just add the public addresses of your coins, and the app will put them together in one place. You can analyze your portfolio distribution and look at how your coins change in price.

A comprehensive portfolio tracker makes it easier to plan your investment strategies by giving you a full picture of all your coins. Let’s look at what trackers are available on the market so you can choose one that best meets your needs.

NOW Tracker

NOW Tracker is a mobile app designed by the team behind instant crypto exchanger ChangeNOW. It is available for download from the App Store and Google Play. Tracking coins with NOW Tracker is simple: tap the “Add Wallet” button, choose the asset and the tracking mode, scan the QR code to import the wallet address, and you’re set.

In Auto Mode, the app tracks your wallet addresses through block explorers, and automatically updates their balances so you don’t have to worry about it manually. In this mode, the Tracker imports the complete transaction history (even for coin transfers before the app was installed) and other information available to the block explorer.

In the Manual tracking mode, you enter the amount of held crypto by hand — for instance, if you don’t want to share your public address, or if your coins are placed on a centralized exchange that cannot be seen by an explorer.

Now Tracker is simple and doesn’t come with unnecessary features. This lets you view the value of your crypto holdings in the fiat currency of your choice. The tracker will display their total value if you have multiple addresses for one cryptocurrency.

Notable features:

  • Each coin’s percentage of your portfolio is displayed on the analytics page. Staked tokens are included as well.
  • You can keep track of prices and other metrics of the Top 200 cryptocurrencies right inside the app.
  • NOW Tracker doesn’t collect any private data and uses public addresses only to collect the information that is publicly available on block explorers. Any data you enter can be wiped from the app at any moment.
  • The coins that you don’t wish to be displayed in your portfolio can be hidden and transferred to the untracked list.
  • Customer support in NOW Tracker is available 24/7.


CoinTracker is a portfolio tracker and tax calculator with over half a million users that is available for desktop and mobile devices. You can use it to track your balances from over 300 exchanges and for 8,000 digital assets. Along with the balance, CoinTracker also lets you view profits earned from your crypto investments and view full transaction history.

In the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia, CoinTracker can be used to calculate capital gains tax and facilitate tax payment preparation. You can import the history of transactions from hundreds of crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken. It is compatible with wallets such as Exodus, Trust Wallet, Ledger, and Trezor. A user-friendly interface displays all balances in real time.

Notable features:

  • CoinTracker has a fee tracking tool that shows how many fees you’ve paid across different crypto platforms.
  • It can generate tax reports using various accounting methods.
  • Customers can get in touch with a responsive customer service team via live chat, blog, and FAQ section.


Delta is an investment tracker both for traditional stocks and crypto assets. You can track over 7,000 coins and tokens using the app, which is available for iOS and Android. Delta boasts a user-friendly layout where you can customize currency conversions and charts to fit your needs.

As with CoinTracker, you can import your transaction history from over 300 crypto exchanges, including Gemini, Kraken, and Bithumb. The app offers price push notifications and market trend reviews so that users can make timely investment decisions.

An attractive feature of the Delta app is the amount of information you can view about the market right inside it. It includes price and market cap charts, price alerts, news, and information about the hottest cryptocurrencies.

Notable features:

  • Delta displays your profits and losses since the time you started trading and investing in crypto.
  • The app shows what airdrops are available for your addresses and exchange accounts.
  • There’s a great deal of information on various coins. You can keep track of the market trends by creating your own watchlist.
  • Delta allows you to create multiple portfolios for different people and use cases.
  • You can manage your portfolio on five synchronized devices.

FTX, ex-Blockfolio

FTX is a mobile app for trading and tracking over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies. It is available for citizens of over 200 countries and has been downloaded over 6 million times. Last year FTX acquired Blockfolio, a portfolio tracker that syncs with over 500 crypto exchanges.

This free app allows you to manually enter data on your coins, importing information from exchanges and entering the amounts and prices paid for crypto.

The value of your digital assets is updated every second, which allows you to stay in touch with your portfolio 24/7. FTX’s built-in news section helps you make informed decisions on your coins. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Notable features:

  • Push notifications in the FTX Signals feature update you on the most important developments regarding the coins that you hold.
  • You can set up notifications to alert you if the price changes rapidly (for example, if there has been a rapid increase or decrease of 3% or more within an hour).
  • The FTX Market section of the app shows a number of metrics on coin prices, trade volumes, and market caps. FTX also provides links to coins’ official websites and social media.

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a crypto portfolio tracker available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. With this app, you can track your coins on multiple devices that are synchronized via iCloud. Crypto Pro has a simple interface and lets you manually add coins or sync automatically with exchanges.

Crypto Pro encrypts and stores all your data locally on your device, so no one except you can see it since the information doesn’t reach Crypto Pro’s servers. You can check the value of your coins in real-time, see the latest news articles on the monitored assets, and view the analytics, including asset distribution and gains and losses.

Notable features:

  • It is designed for those who are used to using Apple devices: you can unlock Crypto Pro with Face ID or Touch ID, turn on light or dark mode, or ask Siri questions about your portfolio or specific coins.
  • In Crypto Pro, there is a handy calculator that will show you the exchange rate of any crypto-crypto or crypto-fiat pair.
  • You can set push notifications on the prices of your coins to stay updated in case they change significantly.


Portfolio trackers allow you to keep an eye on your crypto holdings and enjoy a smooth experience while making your investment decisions. Below is a brief description of each tracker:

  • NOW Tracker is best suited for crypto enthusiasts who hold their crypto on non-custodial wallets. Based on the wallet addresses that you provide, the app collects public data from the blockchain and updates you on the status of your portfolio, regardless of how many wallets you use. Available for iOS and Android, the app is free and privacy-focused. Users only need to enter their public crypto addresses.
  • CoinTracker, in addition to helping you monitor your portfolio, generates free tax reports that simplify your capital gains tax calculation. You can avoid paying a larger amount to a personal accountant by using the free and paid options in CoinTracker. With the fees calculator, you can see how much you’ve paid in commissions to different services.
  • Delta investment tracker is designed for multi-profile investors who want to track traditional stocks along with cryptocurrency in one app. In addition to importing data from 300 exchanges, Delta keeps you updated on the latest airdrops, shows news and asset metrics, and allows you to track several portfolios simultaneously.
  • FTX (Blockfolio) allows you to import your records from 500 exchanges and track over 10,000 digital assets. Push notifications inform you of the drastic price changes, while the News and the Market sections provide you with fresh information from the crypto space.
  • Crypto Pro suits Apple ecosystem fans as it allows tracking your portfolio from all iOS and macOS devices. Both free and paid versions are available. The simple, yet feature-rich interface and convenient calculator allow you to get the most out of your crypto portfolio tracking experience.



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