Yield farming is a strategy in which users allocate their funds in a DeFi protocol and get some extra tokens as a reward. The first platform to introduce yield farming was Compound, and after DeFi skyrocketed in 2020, the strategy remains popular to date. Yield farming has become one of the drivers behind the growth of DeFi as it offered users unprecedented returns that could be accessed in a permissionless way, i.e. by everyone with an internet connection.

Yield farming is very alluring, but there are some risks associated with it. …

Theta is a blockchain-based streaming service and its native token, THETA. The latest developments in the project helped the token grow 3X since January, bringing it to the Top 30 cryptocurrencies list and making it one of the trending assets of 2021.

Given the surge of interest in Theta, we’ve prepared this guide on choosing a Theta wallet that will help you store your coins securely and conveniently. We will review 5 different wallets and suggest what use cases they are the best for.

What’s the deal with Theta?

How did Theta gain such popularity? People watch billions of hours of videos every day, but…

Many newcomers in crypto think of mining as some sort of easy money: you buy a pair of chips, run the software, and get your 6.25 BTC every 10 minutes. Of course, in reality, things are more complicated. Today’s mining is like any other way of earning money — you have to do research, make the initial investment, and count your spendings and the potential revenue.

In this article, we will explore what mining is and what are the things to keep in mind before you start. Since there are quite many factors to consider, this article won’t be a…

On the internet as we know it, all services are located on centralized servers and are fully controlled by the companies that own them. If you want to interact with a service or any unfamiliar users in its ecosystem, you need to make sure you trust them, which is often hard.

Blockchain technology changes these principles. Blockchain is a distributed database and a data exchange protocol that are run by a global network of users rather than a centralized authority. …

Knowing how your transaction is confirmed is the basis on which you can build your understanding of cryptocurrency. This is a technically difficult process, but you can grasp it without special terms — today, we will explain to you how it works. Let’s take Bitcoin as an example.

How do Bitcoin transactions get confirmed?

When you send a transaction from your wallet (where it’s signed with a private key), it gets propagated to a network of Bitcoin nodes — participants who now have to confirm it. …

Being aware of how long a crypto exchange takes is very helpful: thus you can know what to expect and worry less about your crypto swaps. Understanding a transaction’s pathway lets you know why exchanges are delayed, and you get more tools to set an exchange the way that it will be processed faster.

What does the transaction time depend on?

Any crypto swap made through non-custodial platforms like ChangeNOW includes 3 steps: a customer sends their funds to the exchange service (transaction 1); the platform performs the necessary operations; swapped coins are sent to the user (transaction 2). …

You must have heard the proverb: there are only two certain things in life, death and taxes. But when it comes to cryptocurrency, many ask themselves a question: do I have to pay taxes on crypto? This depends on where you live, but most likely, the answer is yes. There is crypto taxation legislation in most of the developed and in some developing countries, and citizens have to report their crypto savings.

The requirements can be very different: in some countries, you only pay taxes when you are taking profit from crypto and transferring it into fiat or paying for…

Cryptocurrency is a little more than 11 years old, but it has already managed to trigger a revolution in the global economy that no one was expecting. Bitcoin serves as the new gold-like safe-haven asset; Ethereum runs hundreds of decentralized apps that allow users to access financial services in a trustless way; Ripple facilitates remittances by eliminating numerous intermediaries between banks.

But how did we get here? Cryptocurrency is based on cryptography that was known even in Ancient Egypt (a coded message was found in the Egyptian tomb of Khnumhotep II which dates back to roughly 1900 BC). With the…

Many new cryptocurrencies claim they have the solution to outperform other digital assets in terms of speed, scalability, and fees. There’s a whole pile of projects dubbed as “Ethereum killers” today. However, one of them stands out — this is Solana with its uniquely robust scalability solutions. The incredible price dynamic of this coin proves the value that the crypto community sees in it. Let’s investigate the phenomenon of Solana.

What is Solana?

There are about 3 billion gamers in the world today playing on PC, console, and mobile devices. In 2020, the gaming industry revenue exceeded $170 billion. These are huge numbers, but there is one issue in the gaming industry that pushes it to change — players want to have more power over what’s happening in the game; they want their voices to be heard. Running games on blockchains can resolve this issue and introduce a new revolution in gaming. Let’s see how.

What’s wrong with the gaming industry today?

Passionate gamers don’t usually play one particular game — they are often involved in many. However, as these…


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