• Centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs) and Decentralized ones (DEXs) are the platforms where crypto buyers and sellers come together. Sellers offer coins at certain rates, and buyers agree or disagree to buy. This shapes a coin’s price.
  • CEXs (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken) offer a user-friendly and fast trading experience. They have much liquidity — this makes it easy to find the price you need. But the trade goes off-chain and CEXs store your funds themselves, which imposes security risks.
  • In DEXs (Uniswap, PancakeSwap), any purchase or sale goes on-chain. This makes the trade slower and more expensive (network fees for each transaction)…

Many refer to Bitcoin as an anonymous cryptocurrency, but this is far from the truth. Every wallet address has a balance and a transaction history that are available to the public. Bitcoin address is a random number of characters and you can’t see who it belongs to, but there are special tools that can link a Bitcoin address with a particular individual. If this happens, all holder’s data gets disclosed.

Privacy coins make cryptocurrencies really anonymous — they hide the payment details, and you can’t trace the way of transactions on the blockchain. Monero and ZCash are the most well-known…

How regulated do you think cryptocurrency should be? For some, crypto is a symbol of independence from governments and a motto of libertarian freedom. For others, it’s an incarnation of anarchy that supports illicit activity and should be immediately taken under control.

Back in the early 2010s, no one would take crypto seriously, and there was a lot of freedom in the emerging market. Over time, some started to abuse this freedom and became involved in criminal actions. They stole money from hacked wallets and scam projects and then sent it to the “white” addresses to make it look legal…

Why Do Some People Think We are Scam?

When we consider using a new cryptocurrency service, the first question we ask ourselves is — can we trust this platform? We’ve all seen the news about crypto scam, and some of us have even experienced it ourselves.

ChangeNOW has drawn a lot of attention in the past years, and just as any other service, we were claimed to be scam multiple times. People who say it have their reasons: sometimes technical difficulties cause lags in transaction times that upset our users. From time to time, rapid exchange rate fluctuations make some of our customers receive less money than expected…

During the last year, the US Dollar has been rapidly devaluing, so its buying power dropped down. Although many American citizens are grateful to their government for the financial support it has provided, the officials have been widely criticized for printing trillions of dollars and thus deliberately lowering the dollar’s value. Goldman analysts predict USD to lose up to 20% of its price in the next few years.

While the Federal Reserve money printer “went BRRR”, Bitcoin has been very strong. An expected after-halving rapid growth has surpassed all expectations: we’ve witnessed a 10x growth since March 2020 and a…

Unfortunately, the short answer for the question mentioned in the title of this article is “no”. Trading cryptocurrency via any service implies some costs. However, you can learn more about fees and exchange options — this will help you buy and sell crypto in a more flexible manner.

Why is there no free cryptocurrency exchange? The answer is simple: any service of this kind is a business. Although crypto exchanges are often created by enthusiasts, their goal (as of any business) is to raise money. Moreover, they simply can’t exist without the money inflow. …

Are Bitcoins easy to sell? With ChangeNOW, it’s intuitive: actually, you can complete a trade even without this guide. We will just walk you through the process so you be sure what’s ahead.

Step 1.

Go to the ChangeNOW main page and choose “Buy/Sell Crypto” within the exchange panel. Use this Bitcoin buy and sell calculator to estimate how much you want to withdraw. Click “Sell”.

From now on, you can change your fiat to crypto faster than light and easier than ever! Bringing more diversity to the range of swap options we offer is one of our top priorities, and we promise to keep on improving for each and every one of you.

Thanks to our fiat provider Guardarian, the list of currencies available for fiat on-ramp has experienced a massive increase right to the full coverage — more than 200 currencies including XVG, LUNA, USDC, XRP, FTT, and BTG! It now takes just a couple of minutes to get literally any crypto available on…

Originally published in the ChangeNOW blog

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies with any fiat currency or exchanging one form of crypto for another are processes that involve some costs. So if you are wondering if there are “free cryptocurrency exchanges”, the answer is — unfortunately, there is no such thing.

Similar to banks, crypto exchanges can’t provide their services for free. Crypto exchange services need to put numerous layers of security in place to make sure your fiat and crypto are safe and secure. Plus, exchanges need to make sure they are operating professionally and providing the services that customers need…

Originally published in the ChangeNOW blog

Cryptocurrency usage is evolving and constantly gaining greater adoption. Statista reports that the number of blockchain wallet users has attained the mark of 60 million by February 2021. Another report stated that over 330,000 transactions with Bitcoin were recorded within the same month alongside over 1.1 million transactions carried out with Ethereum.

Great levels of recent crypto adoption are inevitably leading to the development of a number of instruments aimed at mimicking crypto transactions. …


ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free! https://changenow.io/

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