During the last year, the US Dollar has been rapidly devaluing, so its buying power dropped down. Although many American citizens are grateful to their government for the financial support it has provided, the officials have been widely criticized for printing trillions of dollars and thus deliberately lowering the dollar’s value. Goldman analysts predict USD to lose up to 20% of its price in the next few years.

While the Federal Reserve money printer “went BRRR”, Bitcoin has been very strong. An expected after-halving rapid growth has surpassed all expectations: we’ve witnessed a 10x growth since March 2020 and a…

Unfortunately, the short answer for the question mentioned in the title of this article is “no”. Trading cryptocurrency via any service implies some costs. However, you can learn more about fees and exchange options — this will help you buy and sell crypto in a more flexible manner.

Why is there no free cryptocurrency exchange? The answer is simple: any service of this kind is a business. Although crypto exchanges are often created by enthusiasts, their goal (as of any business) is to raise money. Moreover, they simply can’t exist without the money inflow. …

Are Bitcoins easy to sell? With ChangeNOW, it’s intuitive: actually, you can complete a trade even without this guide. We will just walk you through the process so you be sure what’s ahead.

Step 1.

Go to the ChangeNOW main page and choose “Buy/Sell Crypto” within the exchange panel. Use this Bitcoin buy and sell calculator to estimate how much you want to withdraw. Click “Sell”.

From now on, you can change your fiat to crypto faster than light and easier than ever! Bringing more diversity to the range of swap options we offer is one of our top priorities, and we promise to keep on improving for each and every one of you.

Thanks to our fiat provider Guardarian, the list of currencies available for fiat on-ramp has experienced a massive increase right to the full coverage — more than 200 currencies including XVG, LUNA, USDC, XRP, FTT, and BTG! It now takes just a couple of minutes to get literally any crypto available on…

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Buying and selling cryptocurrencies with any fiat currency or exchanging one form of crypto for another are processes that involve some costs. So if you are wondering if there are “free cryptocurrency exchanges”, the answer is — unfortunately, there is no such thing.

Similar to banks, crypto exchanges can’t provide their services for free. Crypto exchange services need to put numerous layers of security in place to make sure your fiat and crypto are safe and secure. Plus, exchanges need to make sure they are operating professionally and providing the services that customers need…

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Cryptocurrency usage is evolving and constantly gaining greater adoption. Statista reports that the number of blockchain wallet users has attained the mark of 60 million by February 2021. Another report stated that over 330,000 transactions with Bitcoin were recorded within the same month alongside over 1.1 million transactions carried out with Ethereum.

Great levels of recent crypto adoption are inevitably leading to the development of a number of instruments aimed at mimicking crypto transactions. …

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There is hardly anyone left who has traversed the online environment and has not heard of cryptocurrencies. This industry is now gaining a significant foothold in almost every major sector of the global economy — from the gaming industry that is increasingly looking at the introduction of blockchain technologies for augmented and virtual reality, to the financial one, which is racing to adopt DeFi technologies for expediting payments.

The numbers are speaking for themselves as a report by Globanewswire predicts that the cryptocurrency industry is set to grow to a staggering $5.19 trillion by…

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We are extremely happy to bring you good news after a period of turmoil we have been through recently. Thanks to our partnership with Coinify, you can now sell your BTC for fiat (EUR, USD, etc.) and retrieve it with the help of your bank! It is now far much easier to capitalize your crypto savings and get all the USD you receive straight to your bank account.

It is a big day for the ChangeNOW team and our users from across the globe. We really appreciate this chance to introduce a unique opportunity…

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Recently, our specialists have not only renewed NOW staking principles for BEP-2 tokens but also introduced ERC-20 NOW staking with simplified mechanics. Thanks to these updates, it is now even more easy to capitalize on both your BEP-2 and ERC-20 NOW!

Under the new scheme, one can simply call the ‘Freeze’ method to stake BEP-2 tokens/send a deposit onto a smart contract for ERC-20 ones. ERC-20 NOW may be redeemed any time after a one week lock-up; upon this period, users gain full control over their assets.

For BEP-2 staking, we have also introduced…

Originally published in the ChangeNOW blog

We are glad to inform our users that staking ERC20 NOW Tokens is now available on the platform! The ChangeNOW team has been working hard to offer our users this opportunity. From this moment on, staking for NOW Token is possible not only on the Binance Chain (BEP-2) but also on the Ethereum network.

This is awesome news as Ethereum is one of the most ubiquitous blockchain networks boasting a broad community of avid crypto users from all over the world. Most of them are already in the habit of staking on Ethereum, and…


ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free! https://changenow.io/

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