Altcoin Season Is Upon Us: What Does This Mean For You?

  • In December 2019, the altmarket has reached its 2-year bottom and is growing rapidly now
  • Most of the altcoin predictions are bullish for the foreseeable future
  • However, altcoin market remains highly volatile and risky
  • A moderate strategy is to use rising altcoins to increase your BTC stack in the future, or to buy reliable altcoins and just wait, avoiding regular swings of the market.
  • Hold a minor part of your portfolio in altcoins. While it gives you an opportunity to increase your BTC stack due to altcoin season, it also hedges you against Bitcoin — in case the latter goes down in price, you will not lose everything you have.
  • Historically, top-5 altcoins have been the safest. Consider investing in crypto assets with fundamental market value.
  • Do not try to profit from abrupt market fluctuations. When feeling a king of the party, it always seems much easier to perform a double backflip from the stage. But in fact, the probability to end up the party in a grim place, in this case, is only higher.



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