Another Week in Crypto with Pauline Shangett. Mar 2–8

Progress Unstoppable

This week, several countries in the world have demonstrated huge progress towards crypto adoption — while several projects and people have been passing through turbulent times. But though we don’t know what’s going to happen next in the following months, this week we’ve had a chance to see what will happen with crypto in the early 25th century. So let’s see what we found out!

Crypto Adoption Triumph

The history of humanity is full of examples when people were trying to stop progress. And these moves, of course, have their rational reasons — people are often afraid of new things they don’t understand and, importantly, don’t know how to control.

Jack Dorsey and his good

As crypto itself has been doing well during the past week, not all the crypto enthusiasts have. You might have heard that the new investor of Twitter wants to oust Jack Dorsey as its CEO. This news is pretty grave for the crypto community — Dorsey was one of the most significant Bitcoin maximalists not directly from the crypto industry.

How much Liberty?

While recent events in Jack Dorsey’s life might be bringing him forward into cryptocurrency, other people are taking a step back in this race. This refers to the team of Libra — which, as you must’ve heard, has received quite a lot of criticism from both crypto community and government officials over the last few months.

Altered Carbon, altered currency

Now, let’s step away from our ‘dull’ reality where crypto is still far from being adopted across the globe. In what century do you think we’ll be able to buy a loaf of bread with Bitcoin right by our house (in case we still need to eat food by that time)? Maybe the 25th century? Let’s take a look!

Thanks for reading!

This was the second Another Week In Crypto with Pauline Shangett. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and see you in a week! Enjoy living without a stack in your spinal cord.