On August 21st, Ardor’s very own Senior Sales Engineer Francisco Sarrias had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session in ChangeNOW’s Community Chat. We had a lot of engagement — because the discussion has been really awesome! Our community got to learn a ton about the great project that Ardor is and we should definitely do this again!

Here is a recap for those who missed it:

Q1: Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself: what are your interests and hobbies, how did you become familiar with crypto, and how did you join the Ardor and Jelurida team?

Francisco: I studied telecom engineering in Barcelona and after working for a big corporation I decided to work on my own collaboration with different companies and planned to create a couple of startups.

In 2016 I owned a small web hosting company when cloud computing went mainstream.

I was trying to make some profit from all the hardware and datacenter space I already invested in, and this is how I discovered cryptocurrencies.

I was shocked when I learned about NXT, a crypto that did not need expensive mining because it was based on the Proof of Stake algorithm.

As I have been always concerned about protecting the environment and the development team was amazing I quickly became part of the NXT community. After the Ardor ICO in 2017, I joined the Jelurida staff as a Senior Sales Engineer.

Q2. What are the most special features of the Ardor Platform? What has the Jelurida team achieved so far?

Francisco: Around 2016, the limitations of the existing single chain / single token architecture of existing products (BTC, ETH, NXT) were already clear to us. The problem with these early products is that for example if your token becomes very popular it also becomes too expensive to use as we clearly see with BTC and ETH these days.

And this is how Ardor came to be, with Ardor/ARDR as the parent chain responsible for the PoS consensus and multiple child-chains which provide the platform for decentralized application development.

The benefits of this design include the bundling process which improves on-chain scalability to around 100 TX/Sec as well as the ability to remove child-chain transactions from the blockchain after they are confirmed to reduce blockchain bloat. An additional asset for the businesses is to sponsor the transaction fees for their child-chain users.

This whole architecture was launched on mainnet in January 2018 and it has been working without problems ever since.

We top the architecture with multiple transaction types, hundreds of available API which the wallet user interface we provide out of the box implements as a reference implementation.

The design is very flexible and easy to enhance with, for example, a contract framework, server-side add-ons, and wallet plugins.

All of this is available today on mainnet, ready for use!

Q3. What are your visions, plans, and goals? Can you share any particular info about the upcoming updates of the network?

Francisco: In the blockchain architecture side the near future will see the ability to split the network into sub-networks, each one responsible for its own decentralized application.

We have a wonderful contracts framework that can implement oracles as good as Chainlink using a popular programming language like Java, our goal is to bring more devs to our platform that create exciting things with it.

Q4. Oh, so Ardor may replace Chainlink in the near future?

Francisco: Ardor can do now everything Chainlink promises, but we are not connected to the Ethereum network, we have our own consensus algorithm.

Q: That’s cool! I think the community will do their own research regarding this.

Francisco: Yes, sure, they could learn about our lightweight smart contracts, we do not execute the smart contracts in the whole network but only on selected nodes, which makes interfacing with the external world very easy using Java libraries.

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ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!