Best Bitcoin SV Wallets (2020)
3 min readOct 23, 2020


A Bitcoin SV wallet is a must if you want to store all of your hard-earned or mined Bitcoin SV coins. Choosing the best BSV wallets is a difficult task, and many parameters can affect your final decision. First, let’s learn more about BSV!

What is Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision) was hard-forked from the Bitcoin Cash project on November 15, 2018. It happened because a group of users wanted to retain the original idea that Satoshi Nakamoto proposed in his Bitcoin whitepaper.

First, the original Bitcoin project had a small block size limit of 1 MB. It bottlenecks the maximum rate of transaction processing, and Bitcoin Cash founders hard-forked the project and increased the block size to 32 MB. However, another group of users wanted to increase it to 132 MB, and that’s how Bitcoin SV was born.

Source: Bitcoin SV Unveils Logo for Rebirth of Original Bitcoin

Nakamoto wanted Bitcoin to replace money completely. Bitcoin is already too heavy to handle the transactions, and people mostly exploit it because of its value. Bitcoin SV is there to fill the shoes and prove a stable, scalable platform for handling millions of transactions per second. It inherits the market cap and maximal coin supply from Bitcoin Cash.

Top BSV Wallets

Several characteristics can describe a Bitcoin SV wallet. We looked at operating system support, whether they are (non) custodial, and the general features they offer. Here is our top 8 list of the best BSV wallets:

1. Guarda

Guarda supports multiple crypto-assets and offers easy access from any device with desktop, mobile, and web clients. Guarda works with more than 45 blockchains, making it compatible with thousands of cryptocurrencies. If you are a crypto-enthusiast looking to add Bitcoin SV to your portfolio, look no further than Guarda!


It’s a non-custodial Bitcoin SV wallet. It means that they don’t hold, store, or access your funds in any way. Regarding privacy options, Guarda utilizes a multi-signature technology that uses several signatures to validate transactions. If you’re looking for Bitcoin SV exchange and staking, Guarda has these features embedded.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Desktop, web, and mobile clients (both iOS and Android)
  • Provides a useful Chrome extension as well
  • Non-custodial service
  • Respects user privacy

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