Best Dash Coin Wallets
4 min readNov 13, 2019

Cryptocurrencies may be way different from the regular ones in many aspects, but there is one thing that unites them — safe storage. Dash is an open-source currency allowing fast and untraceable transactions. The fact that Dash is considered one of the ten most popular cryptocurrencies makes the choice of wallets for Dash coin easier. Also, you can exchange Dash coin on our website.

Here’s a brief and useful Dash coin wallets review.

Key Factors of Cryptocurrency Wallets

We tried to draw some comparisons and make a top list of Dash coin wallets according to the following factors: simplicity, security features, backup possibility, compatibility, and private keys.


The biggest feature of this mobile wallet is that a user can hold more than 200 tokens and 70 cryptocurrencies at the same time. Moreover, seed keys allow a Dash coin holder to control their private keys safely. It is very easy to create a Dash coin wallet using Coinomi.

It is important to mention that the BIP 44 Protocol gives you an opportunity to backup your wallet only once.

You can download this Dash coin wallet for iOS and Android here:

Ledger Nano S

This hardware wallet is thought to be the safest storage option for your cryptocurrency as it uses a 24-word phrase which is generated to create a personal private key. You can easily keep your Dash coin alongside with 12 more currencies and 20 tokens with the help of Ledger Nano S.

You can purchase Ledger Nano S here:


This desktop wallet is a very good assistant in storing your Dash coin as it provides your own private keys and a 12-word paraphrase. In addition, Exodus online Dash coin wallet features ShapeShift allowing you to convert from one currency to another (it supports 11 cryptocurrencies) in no time.

You can download Exodus wallet here:

Dash Wallet

The first official app for an iOS and Android Dash coin wallet that connects straightforwardly to the Dash Network and provides a user with a 12-word paraphrase. Dash Wallet allows you to pay quickly scanning a QR code even if you are offline. There is an instant feature of conversion Dash cryptocurrency into fiat currencies.

Moreover, you can get the advantage of the InstaSend option on this app.

Download Dash Wallet for iOS and Android.

Dash Paper Wallet

This Dash coin paper wallet is suitable for storing your coins for long periods of time. The main feature of this wallet is the price and simplicity. However, this simplicity and ease of use do not grant safety — the keys are written on the wallet itself which is rather unsafe.


Maybe Blockchain is not the best decision for Dash cryptocurrency, but when it comes to choosing the safest Dash coin web wallet, it steps into the limelight.

It provides a user with three-phase security: a backup security phrase, email verification and a two-factor authentication.

You can download Blockchain here:

If you address the Dash coin wallet choice issue, you will see that the only problem of picking the best wallet is diversity. Just compare the options listed above and choose the right one for you!

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