Best Holo (HOT) Wallets in 2021

Holo aims to change the way we use applications on the internet. Today’s apps depend on corporations central servers that act non-transparently and don’t allow users to own their data. Holo introduced the way to make apps decentralized: instead of a common solution of putting them on the blockchain (like in Ethereum), the platform makes apps peer-to-peer. Every app has its own dedicated P2P network of users whose devices host this app: the users are not only consumers but active participants who ensure the proper functioning of the network. Hosts get rewarded, while the rest of the members can simply enjoy the security and speed of an hApp.

Unlike its name may suggest, Holochain is not a blockchain. Rather, it’s a programming framework for building decentralized apps as described above. Holo’s native asset, the Holo (HOT) token, is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network.

If you have a bullish prediction for HOT, this article is for you: we will help you choose a crypto wallet to store your tokens. We will introduce you to three different wallets that serve best for various use cases and explain which one may be the best for you and why.

Atomic Wallet — for accessibility

If you have other crypto assets besides Holo and want to store the entire portfolio in one place, consider using Atomic. This wallet allows holding over 500 different crypto coins including HOT and is available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems. As a decentralized (non-custodial) wallet, Atomic stores private keys from your crypto locally on your device, and even developers have no access to them, meaning that no one but you have control over your HOT (unlike centralized exchanges like Binance that can limit your access to funds at any time). A built-in exchange tool powered by ChangeNOW allows you to swap cryptos to and from Holo instantly at low fees; also, you can buy HOLO with your credit card right inside Atomic Wallet.

MetaMask — for flexibility

MetaMask is a wallet designed for storing tokens from public chains like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. The wallet is available for iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension. MetaMask works well for HOT and other ERC-20 assets, but you won’t be able to store other crypto coins there. However, if you want to actively trade your Holo against other tokens on Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges, MetaMask is the best solution as it is fully integrated into the Eth ecosystem.

Ledger Nano — for security

We don’t want to say other wallets are insecure, but when you store your private keys on a device disconnected from the internet, this automatically makes them more resistant to hackers. Ledger Nano S allows storing 1100+ digital assets, sending and exchanging them. To send your HOT and other tokens, you’ll have to connect your Ledger to a PC via cable or to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Ledger Nano S is a great solution for long-term storage free from worries about the safety of your funds.

Ledger is a great renowned wallet, but the company seems to have had some shipping issues lately. When ordering, make sure your area will be easily accessible to the post services that Ledger uses.


If you are planning to add Holo (HOT) to your portfolio, think of how exactly you are going to use the token. If you want to store it together with your other cryptocurrencies in an easy-to-access way, download Atomic Wallet. If you want to easily swap HOT within the Ethereum ecosystem, get MetaMask. If security is your top priority, buy Ledger Nano S.

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