Buying Waves Wallet: Stepping in 2020 With New Opportunities

Waves token is the option for those who want to diversify their blockchain investments and keep up with the current trends. ChangeNOW has for you a reliable overview of the best wallets for Waves (DEX) token.

Waves Mobile Wallet: Staying On The Go

This kind of wallet attracts the attention of many users due to the possibility of regular access to funds and operational control of operations.

Waves wallet

The app was only available to owners of Android devices, but recently they have introduced an iOs version. Fully compliant with the “easy” and online version. It allows you to carry out full-fledged work using a portable device. A mobile wallet allows you to speculate not only with the basic (cryptocurrency waves), but not with many other tools. Good analytics are offered. The interface is very convenient, understandable for novice users. You can set additional access protection.

It is Hard to Avoid Waves

Waves Ledger wallet is created for the best safety you could get. Waves cryptocurrency wallet is the most reliable one while opting for the hard version.

First of all, this is a hardware wallet. In auxiliary applications on the PC, necessary for working with the Ledger wallet, no data is stored, they serve only as an interface.

1. These devices are erased if you enter the wrong PIN code three times in a row. But it remains possible to restore using a special phrase of 24 words in a certain order (in most software wallets — a phrase of 12 words).

2. The mnemonic phrase for recovery is 24 words in the correct order. The phrase is generated directly on the device, displayed on the device and should be recorded in a secluded place or on a card included in the kit:

The data inside the wallet is stored on a protected element, which, when trying to intervene in hardware, will erase the data.

If you lose your wallet, Belaz crushes it or squabbles wring it out, you can restore all your funds by buying a new device and entering a phrase of 24 words. The main thing is not to give it to the wrong people.

Also, the support of a large list of currencies is encouraging.

Before you start, install the Waves app on your Ledger device to manage WAVES with the Waves web client. The Waves app is developed and supported by the Waves community. Check the Waves wallet page to learn more.

Originally published at on January 21, 2020.

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