ChangeNOW is a decentralized platform designed specifically to let you exchange any cryptocurrency easily and quickly. Working with us is safe, profitable and very simple.

To perform the exchange, you do not need to register at the service or to give us personal information — we protect you from hacker attacks and financial thefts. We have no limits — you can change any amount of virtual money during the day. In addition, with ChangeNOW you have the opportunity to pay for the cryptocurrency purchase with MasterCard or Visa.

To perform the exchange of cryptocurrency you don’t have to fill out many forms and give us a lot of information, everything is done in a few simple steps.

First, you need to choose cryptocurrencies between which you want to make an exchange. For example, you want to change Bitcoin Cash to Monero. To do this, in «You Send» field you choose Bitcoin Cash from the drop-down list, and in «You Get» field you select Monero. In empty fields, you enter the amount you want to change or to get. Between the lines you will immediately see the rate at which the exchange will be performed — everything is very transparent!

After clicking on the «Exchange» button the system will prompt you to enter your wallet. In the “Enter the recipient’s address”, you should specify the Monero wallet. If you still do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can quickly create it by clicking “Don’t have a wallet yet” -we will invite you to create a wallet from one of our trusted partners, and you won`t have to figure it out by yourself.

The system will prompt you to confirm all the entered information. You should carefully double-check all the data, and remember that the operations in the cryptocurrency network are non-refundable! Thoroughly check the address to receive coins exchanged. If everything is correct, click to continue. The system will generate a Bitcoin Cash address, where you will have to send your BCH. Open your wallet and perform the operation.

Now all you need to do is just to wait a bit. Our unique system will find the most excellent rate for you at one of our partner services, then it will perform the operation, and after several confirmations on the network, your Bitcoin Cash will come to you in a few minutes!

As you can see, all ingenious is simple! No email confirmations, one-time passwords, checks on the system Know Your Customer. Truly decentralized and anonymous exchange at your service.

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