ChangeNOW for Partners: Make Money with Us!
4 min readFeb 2, 2022


In the past year, we reshaped our website so that it became easier to navigate. This applies not only to our main page but to the section For Partners as well. There, we explain ChangeNOW’s B2B and B2C services — tools that you can integrate in your business or private project to earn together with us.

In this review, we will look at each of the tools to show how we can be of service to you.

Our partner services can help practically any crypto business, be it a wallet, an exchange, a cryptocurrency, or crypto media. We offer a flexible profit system — you can choose the percentage of your revenue starting with 0.4% from each transaction. All integrations are free, and our support team is ready to help you 24/7.

Exchange API

The instant exchange API allows you to integrate our exchange facility into your crypto wallet, media platform, or any other service in a customizable way. You will share a part of the fee from every exchange.

Your users will be able to swap 350+ coins in 4 simple steps. An average exchange takes 5 minutes. Users don’t have to sign up and provide any personal info. Classic rate (with possible rate fluctuations during the exchange) and fixed rate are available. The API tool works both for mobile and web-based services.

Process payments via API

Payment gateway by ChangeNOW allows your business to accept cryptocurrency as payment. More than 100 coins and tokens are available with a minimum payment amount of $2; transactions are processed in 2–3 minutes. We offer instant settlements into the merchant’s wallet or custody balance accumulation. A flexible fee system is available with discounts based on your quarterly volume.

Monetize your traffic

We offer several tools that can help you monetize traffic on your platform.

ChangeNOW widget allows your users to make crypto swaps without leaving your website. You will earn 0.4% or more (you can set the percentage manually) from each transaction.

WordPress Plugin lets you embed a crypto exchange tool into your platform built on WordPress. You can evaluate the potential profits by using the calculator.

The ChangeNOW referral program is one of the easiest ways to earn with us. No plugins need to be installed — simply generate a ChangeNOW affiliate link, put it in your blog, social media, or website, and a part of every swap made through this link will land in your wallet.

All your earnings will accumulate in the Partner’s profile. The registration process is very quick and simple.

Store and protect your crypto

If your business needs to store crypto as well as process exchanges and payments, try NOWKeeper. This is our custodial solution that helps you keep 200+ crypto coins on cold wallets. Besides storage, you can send, receive, and exchange your funds, all on a single platform.

Asset listing

By listing your coin on ChangeNOW, you allow your community to swap your crypto for 300+ digital assets and thus raise its trading volume. Also, your cryptocurrency will access fiat purchases from Visa and MasterCard and exposure to our Twitter community with 25k+ followers. Our marketing team will be happy to hold a cross-promo with your coin or do any other activity.

Liquidity provider

This API tool provides liquidity to your crypto exchange service. All you need to do to start using the Liquidity provider is to operate one currency (any) — and we will help your customers swap it for 270+ other digital assets. Your users will access fast exchanges with a minimum amount as low as $2 and without hidden fees.

White label wallet, exchange, and Telegram bot

With White Labels, you can quickly build your own crypto service from scratch without the need to create a complicated crypto exchange infrastructure. We’ve already done this job for you!

White label crypto exchange allows you to launch a crypto exchange for free and start earning from it today. While you’re making the platform’s design and marketing, we will ensure stable crypto swaps.

With White Label wallet, you can create a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet and monetize it using our infrastructure. We allow for storing over 1000 assets and swapping more than 300 of them. NFTs and staking are also supported.

Finally, if you wanted to embrace Telegram for your crypto business but didn’t want to bother yourself with coding, our White Label Telegram Bot is for you. Create a bot with BotFather, integrate our source code, and let your customers exchange their tokens right in the messenger.

Looking forward to our cooperation!

We hope that on this list, you’ve found a tool that can help you raise money in the most relevant way. If so, please sign up as our partner and start earning with us. And if you need more information to make the decision, take a look at the list of our partners and see what they say about working with us. We collaborate with such platforms as Binance, Atomic Wallet, Ledger, and many others — and we hope we will see you soon on this list, too!



ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 850 coins and are account-free!