ChangeNOW issues its own NOW tokens

ChangeNow is a fast and easy exchange service that provides simple cryptocurrency swaps without the annoying need to sign up for anything. Moreover, we support the greatest number of coins among any other exchange service.

Our team is constantly enhancing and improving our service by adding state of the art new features. And now we’re taking another exciting step to make the user experience even better! We are launching NOW token.

What is NOW token?

NOW Token is the 1st token made by instant exchange platform.

NOW Tokens will serve as an internal currency on ChangeNOW, it will be the essential way to list new coins and tokens on our service. As ChangeNOW grows extremely fast, the tokens will be in a great demand.

We will swap NOW tokens to the EOS mainnet as soon as the mainnet is stable. NOW tokens will be among the 1st EOS tokens!

NOW tokens will be listed on popular trading platforms on August, 2018.

The tokens are distributed by Airdrop, Bounty Campaign and private sale for professional investment funds only. They will never be on crowdsale!

NOW token is created to bring significant benefits to its holders. Meet some of them:

  • Special rates for all exchanges and any exchange amounts
  • Exclusive fixed-rate exchanges
  • The fastest possible technical support
  • The best deals on affiliate programs (higher income potential and less withdrawal restrictions)
  • Participation in various ChangeNOW promotions and campaigns


The entirety of the tokens (200 million) will be issued on May 21, 2018. NOW tokens distribution will be started in the following way:

30% — 60 000 000 tokens — gradual airdrop for exchange users and affiliate partners

10% — 20 000 000 tokens — proportional airdrop for EOS token holders

10% — 20 000 000 tokens — allocated for advisors and bounty programs

How to get NOW token?

ChangeNOW will be distributing 30 000 000 NOW tokens to the service users over a period of 30 weeks (1 000 000 every Monday).

All you need to get NOW tokens is to leave your ETH address during the exchange process on

For affiliate partners, ChangeNOW will also be distributing 30 000 000 NOW tokens (1 000 000 each week) over the same 30 week period, proportional to their turnover. We will send the tokens to partners’ ETH wallets.

But there is much more to come! We will run a bounty campaign and other significant events. We will reveal more specific information in the forthcoming weeks. Visit NOW token page to know more about NOW token, follow us on Twitter to not miss anything!

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