ChangeNOW’s speaking: Dentacoin is onboard!

Dentacoin on!

We at ChangeNOW are trying our hardest in order to make our customers’ experience the best ever, constantly adding new coins and keeping in touch with our clients. Today, we’d like to introduce a new member of the ChangeNOW coin family. Meet Dentacoin!

Dentacoin is the first Blockchain solution for the global dental industry, aimed at bringing efficiencies within the industry and shifting the paradigm from “sick care” to patient-centered preventive care through numerous Blockchain-based applications and a common industry-specific cryptocurrency (Dentacoin, DCN).

The currency is already accepted as a means of payment by dental clinics, labs, suppliers across 16 countries.

The first three applications (tools) developed by Dentacoin are:

- DentaVox: A collective intelligence tool, which researches users’ opinions on dental health topics and thus gathers valuable market research data.

- Trusted Reviews: The first platform for detailed, trusted and rewarded dental treatment reviews which can only be written upon an unique invitation sent to verified patients.

- Dentacare (iOS and Android): The mobile app which helps users to properly take care of their teeth through a 3-month program. Good results are rewarded!

One of the next major projects of the Netherlands-based Foundation is called Dentacoin Assurance — an insurance-like model which allows patients to directly pay low monthly premium in Dentacoin cryptocurrency to their dentists in return for lifelong care and treatments. Therefore, dentists will be paid to keep patients healthy while simultaneously the usual profits of insurance companies will be shared between both parties.

Pretty neat, huh?

Step 1. On the ChangeNOW home page, choose a currency and enter the amount you would like to deposit. The service will automatically calculate the estimate amount of DCN you will get. Then click on the Exchange button.

Below is an example of buying DCN with Ripple.

Step 2. Enter the DCN wallet address you would like to receive your DCN in.

Step 3. Check all the information carefully and if everything is correct, click Confirm.

Step 4. After you have confirmed the transaction, send Ripple to the generated address you will see on the screen.

Step 5. A useful bonus! The platform rewards you with NOW tokens, which give access to benefits on ChangeNOW, like special exchange rates and accelerated support.

That’s it. ChangeNOW will do the rest: find the rate and process the transaction. It probably took you more time to read this post than it did to complete the procedure!

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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