ChangeNOW’s speaking: SONM is onboard!

SONM is available on ChangeNOW!

ChangeNOW is proud to support SONM, the Moscow-based decentralized fog computing marketplace project, and their SNM tokens!

New entry on ChangeNOW: SNM tokens of the decentralized project for fog computing SONM are available for an exchange on ChangeNOW. The platform is a computing power marketplace, where parties can purchase them without a middle-man. It is useful for companies focused on rendering, machine learning, scientific computing and Big Data. SONM is offering general-purpose computing cloud-like services (IaaS, PaaS) based on fog computing as a backend. Suppliers all over the world can contribute their computing power, such as servers, PC and laptops, datasets clusters and mining farms to the marketplace.

SONM has already developed the software IaaS — Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The logic and algorithms of the deals are included in a smart contract, and the service is paid in SNM tokens. On May 30 the test period has started and the launch of a full, working version of the system is planned on June 30.

The platform works similarly to usual cloud services, but has a series of advantages:

  • Suppliers’ hardware is always utilized, at least with crypto mining, when there are no tasks to complete. So basic profit is always guaranteed.
  • IaaS can perfectly host other blockchain projects as infrastructure.
  • Computing resources (instances) are available via GUI, from the command line or API.
  • Suppliers and consumers are connected within the marketplace, and the reliability of a partner can be proven by his reputation and rating system.
  • A deal is performed like it is done on exchange — by BID applications for consumers and ASK for suppliers formed by the system according to available resources. It allows to quickly select the offers beneficial for both parties.

The testnet supports x86-amd64 computing architecture and Docker virtualization, later the network will offer more virtual instruments. SONM is already working with such projects as AION, Faceter, and Dbrain, and the team invites owners of mining farms, servers and data centers to test their service to improve it and patch bugs.

The full version of IaaS Livenet will work on its blockchain with block producing nodes, the network that processes token transfer operations and validation of the transfers between Ethereum masterchain and SONM blockchain Gates, and smart contract which includes all the logic and algorithms of order book and bid/ask validation, managing ratings and reputation of the parties involved and partners black list.

The basics of SONM IaaS are the core and graphical interface.

SONM platform enables distributed infrastructure for rendering, machine learning, science calculations and managing Big Data.

  • If you manage Big Data analysis you would get such advantages as huge computing resources on demand: disks, CPUs, GPUs for competitive prices. SONM’s resources are distributed across the world, and the only one imitation is the Internet connection speeds — it has to reach 10 Gbit/s.
  • SONM also provides unlimited resources for GPU rendering. Hundreds instances with 4–8 GPUs GPUs can be involved in rendering instantly with SONM.
  • The platform is compatable with professional machine learning software such as TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, MLib (Spark) and others. SONM’s resources are distributed across the world, so it could make quite long time to download data and perform machine learning.

SONM structure includes also an arbitrage bot or a mining bot. It is a virtual “consumer”, it automatically buys free resources for crypto mining. Before starting a deal, it evaluates its profitability. If everything seems OK, it creates a deal and starts a task. As a result, Worker receives a reward in SNM tokens, the bot converts crypto by current exchange rate. If the profitability during the mining decreases, the bot closes it and opens a new one on better terms.

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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