Cryptocurrency in the UK — a tough progress?

A brief history of crypto in the UK

Is crypto popular in the UK today? What is its legal status?

The most well-known crypto projects from the UK

  • is a crypto exchange and a wallet launched in 2011. Its wallet is the most sought-after one in the UK that stores both fiat currency and cryptocurrency either in ETH, BCH, or BTC. There are about 27 million crypto wallets registered on the platform.
  • Blockverify is a blockchain-based platform that provides anti-counterfeit measures to numerous organizations and industries.
  • DADI stands for Decentralized Architect for a Democratic Internet. It is a blockchain startup that works on providing solutions of the next-generation internet.
  • SETL is a blockchain setting that strives to provide real-time and unified financial settlements. It offers trusted and reliable verification services and expedited transactions that allow a direct transfer of funds between the receiver and the sender.
  • BC Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency brokerage firm launched in 2017 that allows customers to buy and sell over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

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