Earn Money with ChangeNOW Affiliate Program!

Making a smooth exchange of your crypto is far not the only opportunity ChangeNOW is ready to offer you. Our Affiliate Program is here to provide you with an effortless way to convert your traffic into extra profit, cashback options, a set of highest-standard tools to boost your crypto project, and more. Anyone from a regular user to a project’s owner will find something for their soul. Here are the opportunities:

Eligible for: Content creators, authors, bloggers, anyone in between

How it works: We generate a unique affiliate link for you. Share it in your blog or social media, and every transaction made via this link will bring you money.

How to start:

1. Sign up to access the Partners Profile.

2. Go to Profile Details and find your affiliate link.

3. Put this link in any of your publications. Whenever your followers click on it and make an exchange, you will get your share of the commission.

4. Find the details about the share and the payouts later in the text.

This is also a way for you to get some cashback from your own exchanges! Generate a referral link and use it whenever you want to make an exchange. When the total volume of trade reaches 2.5 BTC with the affiliate fee of 0.4%, you’ll get your 0.01 BTC as a cashback. For more details about the fees and payouts, see further below.

Eligible for: Content creators, authors, bloggers

How it works: Put our exchange widget straight into your article, blog post, or webpage, or simply add a button that will bring your followers to ChangeNOW. Get paid for every transaction made using these tools.

How to start:

1. Sign up to access the Partners Profile.

2. Go to the Widgets&Buttons page, select Widget or Button.

3. Copy the source code from the bottom of the page and place it in your web page code.

4. Done! Now, your followers have access to hassle-free crypto exchange, and you get paid from every single transaction they make.

Eligible for: those who run cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, mining pools, or any crypto projects that need an embedded crypto exchange tool.

How it works: we create an API key for you that allows you to embed our exchange tool into your platform. This is not just a widget — you integrate it into your project so that the tool looks 100% native on your service. We will share the profit that your platform gains. This is the way that our partners Guarda Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Trezor, Jaxx, Ledger, and many others have been successfully using for years.

How to start:

1. Sign up to access the Partners Profile.

2. Go to Profile Details and find your API key.

3. Go to the Development API page, click the See API Documentation button and follow the instructions. If you need any help or have any questions, please contact api@changenow.io and we’ll help you out right away.

4. Congrats! Now you have the coolest-ever exchange tool integrated into your platform.

5. As a bonus, you also get a dedicated Account Manager and a shared Telegram chat or Slack, where our team is ready to help out with any issue you might have.

Eligible for: anyone who wants to launch their own crypto exchange, but doesn’t want to deal with development and maintenance

How it works: install our WordPress plugin for the cryptocurrency swaps on your website and get a fully functioning crypto exchange. We take all the maintenance, adding new coins, and support of the exchange itself — so you can enjoy running your platform, branding and promoting it. We will share the profit that your platform gains.

How to start:

1. Sign up to access the Partners Profile.

2. Go to White Label Exchange page and follow the detailed instructions there.

Eligible for: anyone who wants to launch their own Telegram bot for crypto exchange, but, again, doesn’t want to hassle with development and maintenance

How it works: create a Telegram bot, (we will tell you how), embed our exchange tool into its code, and enjoy its work and the profit it brings! We will take care of the exchange procedures ourselves. Share it with your friends, put it in your chat or channel, use it yourself — the world is your oyster.

How to start:

  1. Sign up to access the Partners Profile.
  2. Reach out to us at partners@changenow.io — we will give you the instructions and the code.
  3. Create a Telegram bot with @botfather.
  4. Embed its token into your code.
  5. You’re all set!

Here’s the detailed guide on how to deal with the money part of the Affiliate Program:

1. Affiliate fee is what you get from each transaction your followers or customers make using the tools you embedded in your content or your service. It is set at 0.4% by default — but you can contact us at partners@changenow.io to change it.

2. If you lower the fee, you will get less profit from each transaction, but the rates will be more attractive for the users. If you raise it, the rates will become less competitive, but you will get more from each transaction.

You can withdraw your profit when it reaches 0.01 BTC. With the default affiliate fee of 0.4%, this will happen when the total volume of all exchanges reaches 2.5 BTC.

Set your payout BTC address in the Profile Details of your Partners Profile.

Raise the turnover made through your affiliate tools and get access to extra features such as custom support, flexible fee settings, withdrawals of profits in fiat, and many more.

Learn more about the Affiliate Program Tier List here.

The list of Affiliate Program options is rather diverse and may even look a little entangled to you at a first glance. We recommend you to choose one or two options that look interesting to you — and then to learn more about each one. Also, if you didn’t find the right tool for you, we are always ready to design personal solutions for your business. In case you have any questions or ideas, reach out to us at partners@changenow.io. Good luck!

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