EOS Coin Price Prediction 2019

In this article, we will analyze the EOS coin price prediction. Basically, it is a decentralized application or a platform. It is managed by the company Block.one. The project came out into the market quite recently, back in June 2017. Then, it was at the initial, first stages of the ICO.

The team’s ambitious plans were to become the most powerful and functional platform for working with dApp applications and surpass Ethereum in popularity. And they have all prerequisites to make it come true: speed, scalability, low fees, and user-friendliness. Let’s dive in EOS news and EOS price prediction today!

What Is EOS Coin?

The said advantages include DPoS support, zero transaction fees, 100 000+ of TPS, the option to switch codes, etc. EOS.io platform is private development product of the company Block.one. It was released on June 1, 2018, as open source software.

In order to ensure a significant distribution of native tokens when the blockchain was launched, Block.one implemented about a billion tokens on the Ethereum platform. This made it possible to create such a distributional network that allows everyone who owns a token can start using it after the release of the EOS blockchain software.

EOS Price Prediction 2018

Even against the background of the continuing market decline, the EOS price chart for the year 2018 showed an increase of 800%. By all indications, the coin should have shown a good result in 2018, because its full potential is the one to be revealed within 1–2 years. EOS price prediction 2018 recommend investing in EOS exclusively for a long time and predicted its significant growth.

But one should not expect that ever the rate will reach $500 or more, like the price of the Ethereum. It is so because the number of emitted coins is too large, 1 billion. For comparison, both ETH and another EOS’s direct competitor, NEO, have a much smaller total number of tokens. It makes them more valuable.

We have listed the most optimistic EOS price predictions for 2018. The majority of industry analysts do not miss the chance to emphasize that the project has not yet realized its potential.

Despite this, they consider the EOS project to be a serious business platform, able to press competitors and gain wide practical application in the future. According to their general opinion, EOS coin price prediction 2018 were glorious.

If in 2019 everything would have developed according to the plan, the coin price may well have reached $ 25–50. However, the market decline happened.

EOS Coin Price Prediction 2019

The bigger price jump will begin in 2021 (up to $49), and in 2024 this will be marked by a really big coin, at the price of $279. Right now, EOS price (2019) does not correspond with the expectations of the market analysts. EOS token price prediction is rarely fulfilled.

Already at the beginning of 2019, over 260 projects were launched on the EOS platform for decentralized applications. The developers reported so to users in their blog on January 24. And this is the result of only seven months since the official launch of the project.

In this short period, many significant events have occurred.

Among them, there was the launch of Bitfinex on a decentralized trading platform based on EOS. Also, there was the replenishment of the team with highly qualified specialists and access to the European market and much more. EOS price predictions (2019) may have not been fulfilled but the results of the platform’s performance were truly significant.

EOS Price Prediction 2020

It helps to create a platform unique in speed and quality of work for payments and decentralized applications. The EOS future price directly depends on how actively the platform develops.

At the very beginning of the year, EOS was estimated to trade at the $1 mark. In the period of the uptrend of the cryptocurrency market, the price reached $14.59. It happened in January 2019. The capitalization number allowed it to come closer to the top three currencies of the rating.

The authors of crypto blogs believe that in 2019–2020 EOS price will rise to $25–50 per one coin. If the platform proves itself to be successful, this figure may be much higher. But it is not yet known how soon and to what extent the team will succeed in realizing their ambitious ideas so EOS price prediction 2020 remains unclear. That’s why every EOS mainnet price prediction is different in terms of numbers.

EOS Price Prediction 2023

The only thing that can prevent this forecast from being fulfilled, they say, is the negative news about the project. However, right now, everything is going nicely for the platform. There is hope for a positive EOS price prediction (2023).

The analysts really doubt that the platform will overcome Ethereum in terms of popularity. However, there is always a possibility to make something different and engage a new audience! EOS future depends on the development decisions of the next couple of years.

Right now, the situation on the market is so unstable, that for every currency, including EOS, every prediction would be a guess play. The company has a name and technology to back up should another downtrend happen.

To sum up, EOS cryptocurrency is a new operating system for blockchain applications. It currently works with the Ethereum cryptocurrency network and is testing its mechanism. The coin’s mechanism shows the prospects of the currency. It is able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. Given the current problems of the cryptocurrency field in this aspect, this advantage is even more visible.

At the moment, we can not appreciate all the advantages of this project, since it has not yet been fully launched. In 2018, the EOS team conducted the 2nd part of the ICO, after which they are champions in fundraising, and launched a working version of the product. Now, everything that we can do is watch and wait what the future will bring for EOS.

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