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The first ever real-world purchase made with Bitcoin happened in 2010. A computer programmer paid 10.000 BTC (more or less $6 million thinking in today’s terms) for 2 Papa John’s Pizzas. Quite some time has passed from this glorious day in cryptocurrency history, but now, in 2018, people continue to buy weird and quirky things with crypto. So, let’s sit down for a while and check the list of 7 strangest things that can be bought with cryptocurrency (We know you would definitely like to get some of those).

  1. You can buy a goat for Bitcoin (probably not one goat, but several). Sorry for this short description, but there’s really not much to say.
  2. Funerals. Funeral houses follow the trends of the modern world and now accept payments in crypto. Crescent Tide Cremation Services will not let your Bitcoins be locked away after you’ve passed, but to use the opportunity you might need to move to the state of Minnesota to die.
  3. Tuition fees. Paying for your education can be challenging, just think about all those student loans. Paying off your debt to the college with Bitcoin might be an option, at least Lucerne University in Switzerland, University of Cumbria, King’s College in New York City and University of Nicosia think so. Quite a regression to think that even the academic world is embracing the notion, isn’t it?
  4. Karma. If you have accidentally drowned your neighbour’s kittens or stole candy from a child, now you can restore you karma with crypto. All you have to do for this is make a donation to Creek United Methodist Church in Kentucky or support the Human Rights fund.
  5. Citizenship. The citizenship of Vanuatu, a Pacific state near Australia, can be bought for crypto (to be precise, for 44 Bitcoins).
  6. Plane tickets. Do not be suspicious, it is not some kind of fraud or tickets to extremely shady airlines. CheapAir service offers buying tickets to any destination (with various companies). All you need to do to pay in crypto is to choose it from the payment options.
  7. Alpaca socks. If you think that Alpacas and Bitcoin have nothing to do with each other, think again. This animal had been chosen as an unofficial mascot of Bitcoin and since then was appearing here and there in Bitcoin-Related threads. So, what else if not alpaca socks?

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