Everything Crypto: Weirdest Blockchain Projects [ChangeNOW’s Blog]


The Internet can be a pretty strange place sometimes. This applies not only to memes and weird YouTube videos, but also to the world of cryptocurrency. In this article we will take a look at the examples of the wackiest, most gimmicky and silly blockchain projects.

The first and the most famous token created for fun is the infamous Dogecoin. In 2013, a Shiba Inu meme with captions in broken English was one of the most popular Internet phenomenons. Dogecoin had originally been issued as a joke currency, but some time later it became a star on the coin market. Today Dogecoin has a $727 million market cap (September 2018), had sponsored Nasdaq race cars, water wells and sent the Jamaican bobsled team to participate in the Olympics. Not bad.

Recently, the president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has announced a new cryptocurrency - Venezuelan Petro. The leader proposed that the coin would be backed up by oil, gas, diamond and gold reserves and is meant to prop up the country’s failing economy. Nicolas Maduro did not give any details on when exactly the coin would be rolled out or how it would fit into the current monetary situation of the country. The Petrocoin is actually the second crypto attempt emerging from Venezuela with the first being Bolivarcoin.

President Trump has his own cryptocurrency as well (not surprising though). The coin is not directly affiliated with the president, but the website of the coin states that TrumpCoin is bound to integrate itself into the agenda of Donald Trump, as well as fund projects domestically and worldwide.. The projects mentioned include infrastructure, veteran support, and securing the border. The motto of the coin is: “Buy TrumpCoins today and help your nation, community and citizens finally realize their true potential!”

While the US president is attempting to grab the cryptocurrency world by the you-know-what, in Russia you can find a cryptocurrency that’s only good for buying Burger King Whoppers. Whoppercoin is basically a blockchain reward project announced by Burger King Russia and powered by the Waves blockchain. The idea is simple - customers earn one Whoppercoin for each ruble they spent. Those who manage to save up 1,700 Whoppercoins can get a free burger.

Besides Whoppercoin, there are other currencies dedicated to getting purely physical pleasure. There are some cryptocurrencies in this crazy world that cater to the adult entertainment industry. Porn websites accept purchases in SexCoin and TitCoin for their transactions, also there is SpankChain that provides a full-blown blockchain infrastructure platform. This allows to build secure, anonymous porn apps. Oh, wow.

So, as you can see now, the crypto world is just as intensively crazy as the rest on the Internet (and the humanity in general). So why not attempt joining the craze?

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