Exploring the Advantages of Building with ChangeNOW and Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools

5 min readDec 15, 2023

As a developer, are you ready to take your cryptocurrency projects to the next level in this era of blockchain innovation? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of cross-chain swaps, a game-changing feature empowering you to facilitate seamless token exchanges across different blockchains. Explore how harnessing the capabilities of ChangeNOW and Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools can supercharge your development endeavors and unlock the full potential of cross-chain functionality.

Introducing ChangeNOW’s Exchange API

The ChangeNOW Exchange API opens up a world of possibilities for developers. For instance, it serves as a robust foundation for constructing cryptocurrency exchange platforms with integrated cross-swap functionality. It’s also handy for adding cryptocurrency features to existing platforms like wallets or payment gateways, making them more versatile. Plus, you can get creative and build unique apps in areas like decentralized finance (DeFi) or blockchain-based games. This API brings together AI and blockchain, offering developers a chance to bring some exciting innovations to the world of crypto.

Advantages of ChangeNOW’s Exchange API

1. Access to a Vast Array of Cryptocurrencies

ChangeNOW’s Exchange API offers access to over 900 crypto assets, including popular blockchains, stablecoins, and trending tokens. With more than 319,000 exchange pairs available, developers can provide their users with an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

2. Consistent Referral Profit

By integrating ChangeNOW’s Exchange API, developers can earn a referral percentage for each transaction their customers make on their website. Starting from 0.4% or higher, developers have the flexibility to customize their commission for specific assets or pairs, maximizing their revenue potential.

3. Fiat On- and Off-Ramp Services

ChangeNOW’s Exchange API also provides the option for developers to enable fiat on- and off-ramp services. This feature allows developers to onboard their customers into fiat-to-crypto exchanges directly on their platforms, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of their applications.

4. Multiple Exchange Flow Options

Developers can offer their users the best possible market rates by utilizing both standard and fixed-rate options through ChangeNOW’s Exchange API. This flexibility in exchange flow options enables developers to expand their client base and cater to different user preferences.

5. Combined Liquidity from CEXes and DEXes

ChangeNOW’s Exchange API combines liquidity from both centralized exchanges (CEXes) and decentralized exchanges (DEXes). This integration allows users to make cross-chain swaps and access thousands of exchange pairs, including rare and less commonly seen assets.

6. Versatile API Integration

ChangeNOW’s API can be easily integrated into any platform. Whether developers are building an exchange service from scratch or incorporating the API into an existing platform, ChangeNOW’s comprehensive API documentation provides the necessary guidance and support. The API is compatible with both web platforms and mobile apps, giving developers the flexibility to adapt it to their specific needs.

Leveraging Rubic’s Cross-Chain Tools

Rubic is a leading cross-chain swap aggregator that aims to make cross-chain integration seamless and accessible for developers and users alike. With Rubic’s SDK and widget, users can swap over 15,500 tokens across 70+ blockchains in just one click. Rubic’s platform aggregates more than 220 DEXs and bridges, ensuring users have access to the best rates, highest liquidity, and fast transaction speeds.

Rubic’s widget or SDK have a customizable fee sharing model, which can be fixed per transaction or as a volume %, in the gas fee token or in the source token.

Advantages for Token Owners

Rubic’s cross-chain swap capabilities offer numerous advantages for token owners. By integrating Rubic’s widget into their platforms, token owners can benefit from lightning-fast cross-chain swaps, enabling users to swap tokens quickly and securely right on their website, without sending users to visit a bridge or a DEX.

The integration process is simple, taking just 10 minutes to set up. If the token is listed to any of the 200+ DEXs integrated into Rubic, the listing happens automatically.

Advantages for GameFi Platforms

For GameFi platforms, Rubic’s cross-chain swap capabilities offer several advantages. Rubic provides regular updates and platform improvements, ensuring that GameFi platforms have access to the newest blockchains, features and enhancements. With more than 220 DEXs and bridges integrated into Rubic’s widget, GameFi platforms can offer users a diverse range of options for their cross-chain transactions.

Rubic also provides full technical support to GameFi platforms, ensuring that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed. The partnership activities offered by Rubic further enhance the collaboration between GameFi platforms and Rubic, fostering growth and synergy within the ecosystem.

Advantages for DEXs

Rubic’s cross-chain swap capabilities are also advantageous for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). By integrating Rubic’s SDK into their platforms, DEXs can offer users access to over 70 blockchains and 220 DEXs and bridges, expanding the trading volume and liquidity available on their platforms and networks. This integration allows DEXs to provide users with a seamless cross-chain trading experience, eliminating the need for multiple accounts or complex processes.

Rubic offers full customization and a white-label SDK solution, allowing DEXs to tailor the user experience to their specific brand and requirements. With prompt support for integrations, DEXs can rely on Rubic’s technical expertise and assistance to ensure a smooth integration process.

How to Integrate ChangeNOW’s API

Integrating ChangeNOW’s Exchange API into your platform is a straightforward process that can unlock the full potential of cross-chain functionality. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Create an account with ChangeNOW and obtain an API key.
  • Review ChangeNOW’s comprehensive API documentation, which provides detailed instructions and examples for integrating the API into your platform.
  • Specify the crypto symbol and contract address in your API request.
  • Define the amount of crypto you want to swap and the cryptocurrency you want to swap it for.
  • Process your API request, and the crypto will be sent to the specified address, completing the swap.

By integrating ChangeNOW’s Exchange API, developers can offer their users a seamless cross-chain experience, tapping into the extensive liquidity of Rubic and other partner services.


By leveraging ChangeNOW’s API and Rubic’s widget and SDK, developers can unlock the full potential of cross-chain swaps, providing their users with enhanced liquidity, flexibility, and convenience. Whether you are building a crypto exchange platform, integrating crypto into an existing platform, or creating innovative applications, ChangeNOW and Rubic offer the tools and support needed to succeed in the cross-chain revolution.

Join ChangeNOW and Rubic today to explore the advantages of building with their cross-chain swap solutions and take your platform to new heights in the crypto space.




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