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So, you might be not that keen on new technologies, not willing to trade cryptocurrency or just sure that regular money fits you better than Bitcoin or Ethereum. Suit yourself — just keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get into blockchain at all. It is crucial to remember that blockchain is a technology that has a very wide range of use and isn’t limited to just mining or trading coins. In this article we will be talking about crypto games, which can be as much fun as regular video games.

Now, it is important to understand the difference between cryptocurrency games and blockchain games. While every blockchain game is a crypto game, this isn’t necessarily true the other way round. Any game that uses crypto assets is a crypto game, and blockchain games basically need to take place on blockchain to be called that. For instance, the popular gambling games on Crypto Games (dice, lottery, casino etc) do not take place on blockchain: the players basically gamble like they would do in real life, except that they use cryptos rather than cash. Meanwhile, CryptoKitties is a well-known blockchain game with all the respective features: decentralization, transparency of the core logic, “reusable” assets.

Like we said, many crypto online games are basically gambling. Many of them accept a wide range of coins, while some other deal with bitcoin exclusively. There are, however, other games too, which don’t even require any deposit and claim you can earn coins just by playing the game or participating in small tasks. Such online games include, for example, crypto faucets, which generate satoshis (a satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC) and give them out to the players. Some other games are simply integrated into the mining process, and some are all about coin trading.

Classic blockchain online games — the ones that take place on blockchain -most often deal with Ethereum. The main difference from ‘classic’ games is that the game is decentralized, and game assets (the digital goods you acquire or purchase) actually belong to you rather than stay in the game server: the game can’t take them away from you. The decentralized nature of blockchain online games allows digital goods to be carried over from one game to another. Another nice feature of these games is the transparency of core logic. If a game, for example, contains loot boxes, which are claimed to have a 10% chance of dropping a rare item, it is easy to check and make sure the claimed rate is 10% and not 5% or 2%.

One of the most popular, modern-day, Ethereum-based blockchain games is CryptoKitties. The mechanics of the game is pretty easy: you collect virtual cats — and basically that’s it. You can also buy and sell them, as there is a non-fungible game token unique to each cat, and the value of a cat can increase or decrease over time; or breed them, as the in-game mechanics gives the cats genetics that can be passed on to their offsprings. In December 2017, a virtual cat was sold for $100 000.

Do blockchain games have a future? Of those crypto experts have no doubt, as you can find lists of most anticipated cryptocurrency games everywhere. For example, there are many new Ethereum-based projects that are being impatiently waited for, and the following titles are only a small part of it — Age of Rust, an impressive 3D open-world game; Crypto Space Commander, with its trading and space exploration; CryptoWars, a strategy game focusing on collecting resources and building objects. Not to mention the free-to-play Gods Unchained and Neon District.

What can we say? There are crypto games for virtually every kind of user. A pro gamer, a curious amateur, a cryptocurrency tycoon or a college student on a budget — everyone will find something suitable for them once they try.

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