How To Buy ETH on — Quick and Easy Swaps with More than 150 Cryptos

Happy Friday, cryptoladies and cryptogentlemen! We at ChangeNOW are constantly on the move, looking for and adding new coins for your convenience and enjoyment. However, it’s always great to remember those that we already support and let everyone know about them because they’re simply awesome and popular like our today’s guest, Ethereum, or Ether for short!

Having gone live in 2015 as a decentralized app development platform and a cryptocurrency of the same name, Ethereum has rightfully earned its place in the crypto ecosystem, occupying the second place on the market, outrivalled only by Bitcoin.

Step 1. On the ChangeNOW home page, choose a currency and enter the amount you would like to deposit. The service will automatically calculate the estimated amount of ETH you will get. Then click the Exchange button.

Below is an example of buying Ethereum with Bitcoin.

Step 2. Enter the ETH wallet address where you would like to receive your ETH, then click Next.

Step 3. Check all the information carefully and, if everything is correct, click Confirm. Keep in mind, though: by doing that, you automatically accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 4. After you have confirmed the transaction, send your Bitcoin to the generated address you will see on the screen.

Step 5. A useful bonus! The platform rewards you with NOW tokens, which give access to such benefits on ChangeNOW as special exchange rates and accelerated support.

That’s about it! ChangeNOW will do the rest: find the rate and process the transaction. It probably took you more time to read this article than it did to complete the exchange!

Hope you liked this one! We’re looking forward to meeting you on ChangeNOW, where you can swap and buy more than 150 cryptos, easy as cake.

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