How to check NOW tokens balance in your wallet?

Here is a brief guide on how you can check NOW tokens’ balance in your wallet.


  1. Go to «View wallet info». You will see the «Add custom token» option.

2. Insert the data provided below

Contract: 0xe9a95d175a5f4c9369f3b74222402eb1b837693b

Token Symbol: NOW

Decimals: 8

Profit! Your NOW tokens are displayed in your balance.


  1. Open your Metamask Chrome extension. Open the «Tokens» menu, choose «Add Token» and follow the instructions.

2. Insert the contract address, the «Token Symbol» and «Decimals of Precision» fields will be filled automatically.

3. Press the «Add» button, and you will see your tokens in the wallet.


Guarda already listed the NOW tokens, so you don’t need to add anything. To manage your NOW tokens in the web-version of the wallet you just need to look at the left panel — you can see your balance for all the ERC20 tokens you have there.


If you’re using the Android Coinomi wallet, you need to open the app, click on the left side menu, select “+Tokens” and choose which ETH wallet you need to add the NOW token to. Then press the button at the top of the screen to add the token manually.

If you’re using the iOS version of the wallet, you also need to open the left side menu, then select “Settings” and press on “Add Token” on the next screen. If you have multiple ETH wallets, the system will ask you to specify the wallet you are adding the NOW token to. Then press “Add token manually” in the bottom right.

On the “Add contract” page you will need to enter some technical information:

  • Contract address: 0xe9a95d175a5f4c9369f3b74222402eb1b837693b
  • Name: NOW
  • Symbol: NOW
  • Decimals: 8

Now all you need to do is click “Add contract” at the bottom of the screen, and the NOW token will be listed in your “favorites” and will open immediately.

How to get NOW tokens?

NOW tokens will never be on crowdsale, so don’t waste your chance to get the NOW tokens:

  1. Complete exchanges on ChangeNOW and get tokens as a reward for each exchange. More info here.
  2. Participate in the NOW token Bounty and Special Airdrop campaigns.

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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