How to get listed on an exchange

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Hundreds of companies release new tokens every year. It might just happen that you become one of them. Imagine, you have planned everything, thought all the steps out, assembled the pieces, but how to win the crazy race against all the other competitors? Well, there are two possible solutions for a person who wants to get listed on an exchange.

The first idea is simple and quite easy, but requires paying the fee. Some of the exchanges list basically any token (anything for your cash, literally) if the price they put is paid. The price for listing may be payable in fiat, Bitcoin, or any other currency depending on the exchange.

For example, the listing on Cryptopia now costs around 2.5–5 million Dotcoin (Cryptopia’s own currency, equals almost 17 Bitcoins). Not the cheapest way, but c’est la vie: a project either invests its time, competence, and energy into upgrading their token and getting it listed on a top tier exchange, or has to pay a certain amount of money for simplicity.

The other way to list your token is to prove that your currency is innovative, well-maintained etc. to exchanges like Bittrex or Binance. If the user manages to do so, their token is listed for free. In order to get listed on reputable exchanges, some of the rules have to be followed. For example, you have to post your code on Github so the exchange can verify your code’s integrity. Also, your token has to pass the Howey Test (a test to determine whether SEC considers an offering a security for investment purposes). Last but not least, the developers have to be verified by the exchange, too. They have to make a good impression on the exchange so your project is considered viable.

The second way is more complicated, of course, but it is a great way to prove the value of your project to the community.

We at ChangeNOW believe that our tokens are more than innovative and well-maintained; therefore, we have chosen the more difficult way to get listed on exchanges. We are planning to get listed on Tier 1 exchanges, and because of that the listing process is going to take some time, but it’s definitely worth the wait. That’s why we’ve decided to shift our roadmap listing deadline to the end of December. We are going to do everything in our power to make sure our NOW tokens are listed there on time and hope our community understands our motives and keeps patience, because great things are about to come! We are going to keep the community updated about our progress!

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