How to (stop worrying and) earn extra money in crypto

Cryptocurrencies are not just a financial instrument. This is a whole new world where you can earn without even buying coins and without investing in ICO. And no, we’re not talking about watching commercials for a dime. Now we will tell you how you can earn additional money in the world of cryptocurrencies and fintech projects.

Bounty programs

Bounty campaign is a reward program for helping to promote ICO. That is, a person studies the announcements of available campaigns, chooses the most attractive one, registers in it and actively distributes information about the ICO until its completion.

Such services are paid for by the same tokens, which the attracted investors receive for their money. The dissemination of information about the ICO within the bounty campaign can be carried out by various methods. Below there is a list of the most common types of actions that ICO organizers are ready to reward with tokens:

  • Posts, reposts, comments, subscriptions and other actions for ICO advertising on social networks.
  • Comments on specialized forums.
  • Translation of information about the ICO in other languages
  • Placement of articles in thematic blogs and specialized news resources.
  • Creating and distributing videos on Youtube and social networks.
  • Troubleshooting (bugs).
  • Design of booklets, logos, one-page sites.
  • Development of mobile applications and software.
  • Sending e-mails with information about ICO.

There are two forms of remuneration for participation in the bounty campaigns — percentage and fixed.

If the campaign uses a percentage form, the limit on the number of participants is not usually set, and the final reward depends on the participant’s personal contribution to the total amount of work done.

If the fixed form of remuneration is used, the number of participants is initially limited and the amount of work required from each of them is clearly determined.

By the way, we`lll introduce some new and profitable bounty programs for ChangeNOW very soon! Follow our Twitter and don`t waste your chance to participate in our bounty campaigns! It`s a unique chance to get the NOW token, which opens additional features on ChangeNOW exchanger and will never be on crowdsale.

More information on our NOW token you can find here.


Airdrop is a free distribution of coins (tokens) from the developers. This is a very effective method to increase the popularity of the project with minimal costs, its recognition in the network.

There are two main options for airdrop under different conditions:

  1. The first one is when the coins are distributed free of charge to all holders of a certain cryptocurrency. They are distributed in proportion to the amount of cryptocurrency that is available in the wallet of the holder. This type of airdrop is sometimes called automatic, as coins are automatically credited to the holders ‘ accounts in most cases. Sometimes the condition for receiving free tokens is the presence of a certain amount of cryptocurrency in the wallet.
  2. The second variant of implementation of the airdrop is “promotion”. It means the distribution of tokens to users who help to promote the project. Actually, this is the case when anyone can get free crypto-coins. But, of course, the founders of the project are not interested in handing out tokens to people who simply leave the address of their wallet, receive coins and disappear without any gratitude. Therefore, they prescribe the conditions of distribution.

Conditions are different every time, but they are all usually aimed at advertising a startup and are generally simple for any person who knows how to use a computer.

ChangeNOW has its own airdrop program: we have convenient conditions both for our clients and the affiliate partners.

  1. If you are our user, just leave us your ETH Wallet Address on the last step of the exchange process and you will receive NOW tokens the following Monday.
  2. If you participate in the affiliate program, you only have to enter ETH address in your account, and you will get NOW tokens proportional to your turnover.

Here you can learn more on our airdrop.

Joining ChangeNOW affiliate program

Even if you do not use cryptocurrency yourself, you still can earn money by becoming a ChangeNOW partner. We offer several types of interaction:


You can use ChangeNOW API for integration into any service. If you have any service related to cryptocurrencies — you can add our exchanger API and receive up to 80% of our profits.

Reference links

This is the easiest way to make money with ChangeNOW. Just give referral links to your friends who want to exchange cryptocurrency. You can also leave links to our service on forums and social networks — and thus earn a nice bonus.

Widgets and buttons

Our designers have drawn beautiful buttons and widgets — install them on your website and start earning with us!

We make monthly payments in BTC to your personal account. Transparent statistics in your account will help to always be aware of how much you have earned. Our affiliate program is a great way to make money with a new generation exchanger!

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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