IOTA, Cardano, Vertcoin and 150 more cryptocurrencies at ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW works with more than 150 cryptocurrencies, and the list is expanding every month. In addition to the usual Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and other traditional cryptocurrencies, we work with tokens that you won’t find on other exchanges. So here is some information on them.


Cardano is a decentralized platform that provides reliable and scalable integrated programmable cost transfers. Cardano is one of the first blocks that was built on the highly secure Haskell programming language.

Cardano is a targeted technology designed to create a new decentralized economy and democratize finance in emerging markets. Cardano will allow to create and run decentralized applications and contracts in a low-cost, secure and scalable way.


IOTA is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and platform created specifically for the concept of the Internet of Things. It’s not like any other project or coin, which makes it unique and very promising. IOTA has the potential to become the transactional fuel that will ensure the implementation of smart enterprises with the participation of machines combined into one network.

IOTA is not like bitcoin or ethereum, as it doesn’t actually use the blockchain technology. This platform uses a special tangle log running on the basis of a DAG — directed acyclic graph.


The Vertcoin cryptocurrency (VTC) is another altcoin created as the result of the bitcoin fork in 2014. The main idea of Vertcoin was the fight against industrial mining and mining on ASIC equipment. The main “feature” of this cryptocurrency is the atomic cross-chain, which enables users to exchange Vertcoin cryptocurrency for Litecoin or Bitcoin without the exchange procedure itself, i.e. using only their wallet. If you want to exchange Vertcoin for other coins, you can do it exclusively on ChangeNOW.


NOW token is our own token that is designed to bring new features to our exchanger. NOW token holders will receive the best rates for all exchange directions, improved technical support, updated conditions for participation in the affiliate program, and withdrawal of funds without restrictions. Also, NOW token will be used by other tokens and cryptocurrencies in order to get into our listing. The token will be available for purchase by professional investment funds only. Ordinary users can get NOW tokens via airdrop or by participating in bounty-programs.

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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