Limits. Why do some exchanges have them? How do they work?

Today, it’s not difficult to exchange cryptocurrencies. There’s a large number of exchangers that offer this service on the web. But can you know which is the most suitable one for you? We recommend paying attention to the limits. Most exchanges have an upper amount limit — that is, you cannot exchange more than a certain amount of funds. What’s the reason for this?

Most exchanges have their own reserves, and perform the exchange with the use of those funds. If an exchange had no limits, it could find itself in a scenario where their reserves of one cryptocurrency in particular could be completely depleted, while others — on the contrary, would be very large. To avoid such an imbalance, many exchanges implement limits. This allows them to better control their activities and avoid “kinks”.

But there are other services, such as ChangeNOW. We don’t have our own reserves, which means we don’t need limits. By using our service, you can convert as many crypto coins as you need without any restrictions. Why? We don’t have our own funds and, accordingly, do not depend on the reserves in our account. When a user sends us a request for a trade, we automatically connect the exchange partner and change the user’s coins to the desired ones. That is, we use the liquidity of the exchange, not our own funds. Thus, we can exchange any amount and offer the best rate to a user when the exchange transaction occurs.

Working with our exchange service, you’ll never face a situation where the trade would be impossible due to insufficient reserves. We work with a huge number of coins that you can exchange to any other currency without limits.

The exchange is performed in just a few steps: you choose the currency you want to send, as well as the currency you want to receive. You then specify the volume, see how much you’ll get, and send the cryptocurrency to the address generated for you. Then we automatically exchange your funds through one of our exchange partners and send you the funds. The whole process takes about 20 minutes and runs automatically — any service errors are eliminated. Whatever happens, we are always ready to help you and clarify the status of the request.

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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