Make Up To 0.5 BTC a Month with ChangeNOW Ambassador Program!

Hey, friend! If you enjoy using ChangeNOW and feel like giving us a shout out, we have a deal for you! We’re opening our Ambassador program so that you could make up to 0.5 BTC a month from telling your friends and communities about what we do

This includes promoting ChangeNOW and informing people about our features and products on various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Quora, Medium, YouTube, Publish0x, and others).

  • We’ll feature you on our social media;
  • You’ll get rewards in BTC and NOW tokens;
  • You can earn more BTC by sharing your personal referral link!
  • You have a good command of English or any other popular language (if you blog in your native language),
  • You are a ChangeNOW user with basic knowledge of our main features and products.

Here are two options of how you can participate:

ChangeNOW Soldier

  • You may choose any of these platforms to promote ChangeNOW on: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Quora, and various blogs.

Promotion includes:

  • Liking and sharing our posts;
  • Mentioning ChangeNOW in discussions;
  • Having the “ChangeNOW Soldier” status in your description & avatar
  • Making blog posts about ChangeNOW;
  • Making YouTube videos about ChangeNOW;
  • Contact us to get more detailed instructions regarding each social media

ChangeNOW Ambassador

Special Requirement: Over 1,000 subscribers or followers on one social media account

  • You may choose any of these platforms to promote ChangeNOW on: Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Medium, and Telegram Community Chats.

Promotion includes:

  • Making & posting content about ChangeNOW,
  • Mentioning ChangeNOW in your personal content,
  • Sharing key ChangeNOW announcements,
  • Making blog posts about ChangeNOW;
  • You can get creative — any content works here!

Fill in the form and attach your CV — and we’ll reach out to you shortly with all the further details.

Thank you and good luck!

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!

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