Multiple Crypto Exchanges Easy as Never Before with ChangeNOW Gateway!

  • Miners. Do you repeatedly withdraw your mining rewards and exchange them to other cryptos? Save your time — you don’t have to create all these exchanges manually anymore.
  • Those involved in affiliate programs. Anytime you get your profits, they will be swapped to the crypto you prefer with no extra work from your side.
  • Those who receive frequent payments in crypto and need to convert them to BTC or any other currency.
  • Anyone who makes a lot of crypto exchanges and would like to simplify the flow.

What’s the current flow?

How does Gateway make it easy?

  • Go to Gateway — your personal channel for crypto exchange. Just as ChangeNOW, it’s completely registration-free.
  • Choose the pair and type in your payout address.
  • If everything is correct, click Confirm. You will get your Gateway address:
  • Set this address as a payout destination in your mining pool, ChangeNOW’s Partners Profile, or any place where you receive the funds.
  • Anytime you receive a payment in crypto, we will automatically exchange it — and the funds will land into the wallet that you set as a payout address in your Gateway. Piece of cake!

Make it even easier

  • Exchange money with ChangeNOW without visiting ChangeNOW. Once you’ve set the Gateway, you don’t have to go to to swap crypto. Send the funds to the Gateway address right from your wallet, and they will land in your payout address right away.
  • No more cumbersome whitelisting. The service that you use may require whitelisting of your address — a mining pool, an affiliate profile, or an online casino. From now on, you only have to whitelist your Gateway address once — instead of doing so with many ChangeNOW deposit addresses that were new for every other exchange.
  • Track your exchange history. Here’s a handy way to see your progress.

Why should I need to swap my crypto every time?

What if I’d like to exchange small amounts?

How secure is ChangeNOW Gateway?

  • You don’t have to register to start using Gateway. This ensures that whatever happens, your private data will not be affected.
  • Gateway is non-custodial. This means we don’t store your funds, and you stay in full control over your crypto.
  • The only thing you need to access your Gateway is its URL. We recommend you to keep it private so that no one but you could enter it.



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ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free!