Multiple Crypto Exchanges Easy as Never Before with ChangeNOW Gateway!

If you make many similar crypto swaps and got bored of creating them all by hand, we have great news for you! ChangeNOW has released Gateway that helps you avoid tons of manual work and saves you plenty of time. It swaps your crypto automatically whenever you need it.

Here’s who it can help:

  • Miners. Do you repeatedly withdraw your mining rewards and exchange them to other cryptos? Save your time — you don’t have to create all these exchanges manually anymore.

What’s the current flow?

It’s quite easy to make a crypto swap on ChangeNOW. You have to choose the pair, type in the sum and your payout address manually, check them all and confirm. Then your path goes to your wallet, from which you send money to the deposit address provided.

It’s just about 5 minutes for a single exchange, but if you need to do it many times a day or a week, it takes time. Gateway allows you to eliminate most of these steps.

How does Gateway make it easy?

  • Go to Gateway — your personal channel for crypto exchange. Just as ChangeNOW, it’s completely registration-free.
  • If everything is correct, click Confirm. You will get your Gateway address:
  • Set this address as a payout destination in your mining pool, ChangeNOW’s Partners Profile, or any place where you receive the funds.

Just as always, we swap your crypto at the best rate available at the moment. And of course, the exchanges are limitless — they will be processed whatever the amount.

Make it even easier

  • Exchange money with ChangeNOW without visiting ChangeNOW. Once you’ve set the Gateway, you don’t have to go to to swap crypto. Send the funds to the Gateway address right from your wallet, and they will land in your payout address right away.

There is one Gateway per each exchange pair — you can create as many Gateways that you want. Currently, we’ve enabled a part of the pairs available on ChangeNOW — only those for which we could ensure the stable functioning of Gateway.

Why should I need to swap my crypto every time?

The price of many cryptos is prone to serious fluctuation. Coins like BTC or ETH are not an exception, but the time has shown them to be reliable and constantly growing over the years. Stablecoins like USDT are specifically designed to stay steady whatever happens on the market. This is why swapping you rewards to some of these currencies may be a good idea.

What if I’d like to exchange small amounts?

The minimum exchange amount on Gateway is close to zero and depends on the network fees of a particular coin. To check the minimal amount, simply enter 0 into the calculator for a specific trading pair.

As for the mining pools, most of their minimum payouts are much bigger than ChangeNOW’s minimum exchange amount, so you have nothing to worry about.

How secure is ChangeNOW Gateway?

  • You don’t have to register to start using Gateway. This ensures that whatever happens, your private data will not be affected.

Thank you for reading! Spare yourself the piles of extra work — let ChangeNOW Gateway create multiple exchanges for you. Make your life easier here!

Don’t forget to share your feedback! And if you have questions regarding Gateway’s work or issues to resolve, you can also contact our Support team at any time.



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