Have you ever heard the name Mesopotamia? This is the place where our civilization started taking shape thanks to the creation of farming. Since then we went through years of changes using art, science, and technology, finally achieving superiority in every area possible. But can you wonder what is coming next? The creation that will contour our future is the digitized currency

Neo crypto is the next-generation Chinese blockchain technology with a vision to make a smarter global economy. The Chinese Neo was rebranded from Antshares in 2017. It is an open-source digital asset with smart contract features. A powerful ecosystem is the backbone of Neo cryptocurrency including sophisticated development tools, financial support platforms, and educational platforms.

In recent years, Neo coin as cryptocurrency saw enormous success thanks to the dedicated developers. The digital asset is slowly becoming a commercial sensation in the blockchain industry with major investments in programs like EcoBoost. With the help of a community of 10 developers in 7 countries, Neo developed several digital wallets with different functionalities for the users. In the digital asset market where safety is a big issue, Neocoin is providing the best security protocols to the users

This article is all about Neo cryptocurrency, how to mine Neo, where to buy it, and the best Neo wallets. Now, Let’s learn more about Neo.

Cryptomining is a complex process where the digital asset transactions are verified and logged in the blockchain ledger. So investing some time in researching the mining setup can be useful for future miners. Like other cryptocurrencies, Neo mining requires a rig or specialized hardware that needs a computer connection. However, crypto markets are extremely volatile, so the miners need to calculate the actual profitability for the mining operation

To know more about the profitability, we went through a mining neo calculator for you. Considering the electricity costs and mining hash rate (computing power provided for mining crypto blocks) in the USA, we found that Neo gives a 99.90% profit margin for the miners

The use of A.S.I.C mining rig or hardware instead of regular computers is recommended to mine Neo. However, A.S.I.C rigs can be expensive, so you must check the mining profitability charts to uncover the actual possibility of mining the Neocoin. The A.S.I.C machine provides a motherboard, a specialized chip and a cooling system that is designed for better mining performances.

Now it is important to understand why we mine cryptocurrencies? Mining is the easiest way to earn cryptocurrencies without buying it. Apart from mining, the other popular way of getting cryptos is trading and using fiat currencies. To distribute Neo to the miners, a proof-of-work (PoW) protocol is used which means that users must go through a specific cryptographic puzzle or challenge. The miners solve the puzzle which validates the transaction and leaves a reward for the miner.

If you are looking for how to get free neo, NeoGas token can be a feature for you provided by the Neo platform. It is also the dividend of holding the digital asset for some time. The NeoGas allows miners to get rewards in Gas tokens rather than the actual Neocoin. Using the Neo gas calculator, the actual profitability of gas rewards can be determined by a miner. For instance, we found that 100 Neo can generate around 1.2499 gas tokens per month which is worth around $1.399 in the market.

Like any other digital asset, we can buy Neo from a marketplace called the exchange. Now the question is how much is Neo and how to buy neo with USD? Currently, Neo is priced around $7 in the exchanges and you can use websites, apps and other platforms to buy it

However, the price is volatile and can go up and down anytime. These exchanges offer different services to attract more users. For example, some offer Neo for fiat currencies like Euro, USD via bank transfers or credit cards. Other exchanges offer Neo for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 58 marketplaces offer Neo where you can buy Neo through exchanges

We went through some of the top exchanges and came up with the best exchange for Neo that you should check today

Cryptocurrency Exchange: Binance

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The wide range of features including purchase orders through cash, card or cryptocurrency pairs such as neobtc, neoeth, neousdt and neobnb are popular among Neo users. By holding Neo inside the Binance platform you can earn some extra NeoGas as dividends.

Binance is easy to use and trading volume is quite high. In Binance, around $29 million Neo currencies are traded every day. The exchange takes only 1% as commission and if you use Binance Coin then the fees are reduced up to 50%.

ChangeNOW is a limitless and safe instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. ChangeNOW offers great services where Neo can be exchanged to USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular currencies

Considering that you are thinking about buying some Neo from ChangeNOW we went through the ChangeNOW exchange and checked the btc to neo converter. In the converter, we found that the neobtc ratio is around 926.

Cryptocurrency Exchange: Upbit

Similar to Binance, Upbit is a crypto exchange with high trading volumes. Upbit dominates the South Korean market with a reasonable fee of 0.25% KRW on all trades. However, Upbit charges a withdrawal fee.

The trading volume of Upbit shows that it is a popular exchange for purchasing Neo in South Korea despite the non-cooperation towards self-regulation in the country.

Cryptocurrency Exchange: CoinEgg

CoinEgg is a platform where Neo is the second-highest in terms of trade volume. Per day trade is around $11 million which makes Neo a liquid currency to buy and sell. CoinEgg is an exchange based in the UK which only offers neobtc

Cryptocurrency Exchange: Livecoin

Livecoin is another exchange where Neo can be purchased using USD. It also supports neobtc and neoeth cryptocurrency pairs

Choosing the exchange completely depends on your preference. You might go for less commission and choose Upbit. If you want to be in a popular marketplace Binance is your choice. So start exploring all the possibilities before buying and selling Neo.

The Neo Chinese coin is reliable which can be used in digital wallets with public and private keys. Like other cryptocurrencies, Neo offers Mobile Wallets, Online Wallets, Desktop wallets and Hardware Wallets. Choosing a wallet depends more on the personal taste of the user. In many cases, people love a wallet that is secured with added features like simplicity and speed. Some of the wallets for Neo we found during our study are:

Universal Neo Wallet

Universal Neo wallet is the best app to buy neo which is an android only app. The app is simple and secured with modern design to allow users to store, buy and sell Neo. The transaction costs are free. Users can top-up the account using other cryptocurrencies

Official Neo Wallet

This is the listed neo phone wallet and can be operated in the Android operating system

Neo Paper Wallet

This type of wallet allows the user to use offline. Such options can be an added advantage for many digital asset users. However, users find it difficult to claim rewards in the form of Gas in the wallet.

Neo Wallet

This is a web-based wallet of Neo cryptocurrency. The wallet is open-source and can be used for holding the digital currency easily with an option to claim Neo Gas.

Neon Wallet

Neon Wallet is the desktop version wallet for Neo users. It can be installed on almost all platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Trading the digital asset is quite easy in the desktop wallet. Users can easily claim Gas rewards. The user interface is easy to use with better security protocols for user safety.

Neo Tracker Wallet

It is one of the user favorite wallets. It is web-based and created by a developer called Neo Tracker. The wallet is open-source with a simple interface where users can easily hold Neo and make transactions. Like most other wallets it also provides Gas claiming facilities.

However, to understand the Neo wallet user experience we studied the question and answer based forums like Reddit. Searching for the best wallet for Neo in Reddit we came up with names like Neo Wallet and Neon Wallet which we have already talked about.

You can search the youtube to find the Neo coin price predictions and get familiar with the Neo market before investing any real money. From our Neo coin analysis we came up with the following comment from a crypto lover, “Neo has been a sleeping giant.”

In another discussion about Neo or litecoin, users said that litecoin is less risky which means Neo has better profit potential. Since Neo is a recent innovation there is a high chance that it will become a key coin in the market. You just need to sit back tight and learn how to invest in Neo coin to earn a handsome amount today.

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