New Tokens Listed Recently: Welcome $PSPS, $REZ, $USDe, $EGO
5 min readMay 14, 2024

ChangeNOW is thrilled to announce new coins listing! Recently we’ve added four new tokens to our extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a closer look at the newly listed tokens: BobaCat ($PSPS), Renzo ($REZ), Ethena USDe ($USDE), and EGO ($EGO).

BobaCat ($PSPS)

Dive into the world of BobaCat ($PSPS), a cryptocurrency token that’s so much more than just a meme — it’s inspired by the adopted cat of Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus and comes with a mission full of heart. BobaCat isn’t just playing around; it’s serious about using blockchain to transform how non-profits operate. Imagine cutting down transaction costs, boosting transparency, and saying goodbye to unnecessary third-party interference, all thanks to the magic of blockchain!

Photo from: BobaCat

$PSPS token holders are decision-makers, helping to steer the ship by voting on exciting proposals, from forging new partnerships to jazzing up the platform. And the perks? Oh, they’re delightful! Enjoy exclusive content, unlock premium features, and get invited to special events that are all about making a difference and supporting animal welfare.

Feeling generous? You can directly donate your $PSPS tokens to support animal welfare causes, making a real impact in the fluffiest way possible. Plus, with $PSPS being traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, your support could also turn into a smart investment move.

Join the BobaCat brigade and be part of a playful yet purposeful journey to reshape the non-profit world. Whether you’re here to make a difference, snag some cool benefits, or spot investment opportunities, $PSPS is your ticket to fun and philanthropy!

Renzo ($REZ)

What is Renzo ($REZ)? Renzo is a gateway to simplified and strategic Ethereum staking through the Renzo protocol. The REZ token plays a crucial role in governance, allowing holders to vote on key operational decisions of the protocol.

At the heart of Renzo is the innovative concept of restaking. Users can deposit their Ethereum or Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), receiving in return ezETH, the liquid restaking token representing a user’s restaked position at Renzo. Renzo takes it a step further by offering customizable restaking strategies.These strategies allow users to maximize returns by engaging with various Validated Services (AVSs), each with its own rewards and risks, managed through smart contracts and operator nodes.

With $REZ, you get a say in how things run! Your votes help decide important aspects of the protocol, like setting up safety rules, choosing which assets and operators to trust, managing the treasury, and even awarding community grants. It’s your chance to shape the future of Renzo and ensure it aligns with what the community values most.

Ethena USDe ($USDE)

Ethena USDe ($USDE) is the groundbreaking synthetic dollar designed by Ethena Labs to transform how we think about stablecoins. Departing from traditional fiat-backed stablecoins like USDT and USDC, USDe is fully collateralized by the internal mechanisms of the crypto economy itself, rather than relying on external banking systems.

Ethena has crafted USDe around the concept of a delta-neutral position. Ethena’s twist uses Ethereum’s unique properties, including Liquid Staking, to stabilize its currency without the constraints of traditional finance.

USDe is the first of its kind: a scalable, censorship-resistant, and stable digital dollar. Its stability is meticulously maintained through delta hedging, which balances derivatives positions against the staked Ethereum collateral, complemented by a mint and redeem arbitrage mechanism. This innovative approach ensures that USDe can remain a reliable and transparent medium of exchange within the DeFi ecosystem.

Comparison of Ethena USDe with other types of stablecoins. Data: Ethena Labs


$EGO is an internal token of Paysenger, a dynamic platform designed to revolutionize the way content creators, fans, and brands interact. Paysenger is a cutting-edge ecosystem that leverages proprietary AI.

$EGO tokens power this ecosystem, enabling users to engage directly with creators by commissioning exclusive content or offering tips. Whether it’s getting personalized advice from experts or subscribing to unique content, EGO makes it all possible. Additionally, users can earn tokens by completing various tasks on the platform, further enhancing interaction and engagement.

Paysenger is committed to ethical AI use, distinguishing itself by developing personalized AI models that respect and amplify creators’ unique styles without compromising artistic integrity. This approach not only supports creators but also addresses common ethical concerns in AI art generation.

By bridging Web2 and Web3 technologies, Paysenger is paving the way for widespread adoption of blockchain, making it an exciting space for both seasoned Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Jump into the future of content creation and monetization with $EGO tokens on ChangeNOW, where innovation meets practicality!

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