Newcomers of the month on ChangeNOW: Particl, PIVX, Reddcoin, FLO, STOX

We never stand still and constantly add new cryptos to ChangeNOW. It is time to welcome the new arrivals: Particl, PIVX, Reddcoin, FLO, and STOX. You can already buy them with fiat money, as well as change to any other desired cryptocurrency. Let’s get to know the newcomers better.


Particl cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on the Bitcoin blockchain, improved with the functionality of Shadow Cash. With the cryptocurrency, everyone will be able to buy goods at the site of Particl. The digital coin, PART, allows users to make anonymous transactions without the use of third parties, and also provides the possibility of gaining passive income. The Particl site is an online trading platform that operates in a decentralized environment, allowing trading between users. In other words, Particl is a decentralized online store where all members of the network can buy and sell goods. However, this site excludes the participation of third parties in all operations. Amazon and eBay are the most similar projects on Particl among all the existing ones.


PIVX or Privacy Instant Verified Transaction is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency, based on the principle of anonymity of users. PIVX is a fork of Bitcoin and DASH, using only the best aspects of these cryptocurrencies. The work of the PIVX cryptocurrency is currently based on the Proof of Stake protocol, but during the first six months of work, the Proof of Work protocol was used. PIVX combines only the best characteristics of cryptocurrencies, from which it originated. The main difference from DASH is that only master nodes have the right to vote in DASH network, which refutes the basic principle of decentralization. PIVX network voting is open to all the participants.


ReddCoin is a cryptocurrency for social networks based on the Litecoin blockchain, which will be implemented in all social networks by smooth integration. Every like will have a value in ReddCoin. In its work, the Reddcoin cryptocurrency uses an algorithm that is the golden mean between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake — the Reddcoin algorithm is called Proof of Stake Velocity. This algorithm is unique in its kind because it supports ownership of shares and activity in transactions. In addition, Redcoon is a service that helps to link accounts in social networks with blockchain technology.


Florincoin (FLO) is a decentralized cryptocurrency derived from Litecoin in July 2014. Like Litecoin, Florincoin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses the scrypt hashing algorithm for mining coins and transaction processing. However, the project also has differences, including fast transaction confirmation (40 seconds), a decentralized system for sending messages, an Alexandria database for storing and backing up information, which developers can use to ensure the operation of decentralized applications. Florincoin was started without premine.


It is an Ethereum-based open-source prediction market platform based on the concept of collective intelligence. It allows users to place and accept bets on the outcome of events in various categories, including finance, sports, political events, etc. Stox is backed by — an online investment house founded in 2014 with an ambitious and innovative goal to revolutionize the world of investment by removing existing barriers to alternative investment and create an opportunity for true diversification.

Soon we will present a new batch of tokens and cryptocurrencies, which we will add to our exchanger. We remind you that if you are a representative of any crypto asset and are not yet represented on ChangeNOW, but you really want to - you can write to us, and we will discuss the possibility of listing on our exchanger. We work only with reliable, proven cryptocurrencies.

Stay tuned and follow our updates!

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