Newcomers of the previous month on ChangeNOW: Synereo, Stratis, AdEx, IOP, ZCoin, Emercoin

Here comes another month, and another newcomers on ChangeNOW. We constantly add new tokens and cryptocurrencies for your convenience, so that you have more options for instant and easy exchange. So, here is some information about the newcomers of September!


Synereo is a company engaged in creating an economy of attention on the blockchain. To implement this idea, they have developed a number of tools that allow content creators to monetize original works, while allowing their subscribers to receive rewards for expanding the social presence of this content.

AMP is a cryptocurrency token developed and released by Synereo in early 2015. AMP tokens underlie the Synereo economy of attention. The maximum amount of AMP issue is limited to 2 billion tokens.


Stratis is a currency used by the Stratis platform to enable the creation of closed and public chains for corporate use. The Stratis platform offers a solution for quickly creating individual chains based on the own blockchain. These chains can be changed according to the needs of the company and even reproduce the functions of popular blockchains, such as Ethereum or Lisk, which can be tested separately or simultaneously.

Stratis is also a consulting agency based in London that helps clients to build chains and use existing blockchains that meet their needs best.


AdEx is an ad exchange developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of the AdEx platform is to replace traditional models of Internet advertising, such as Google Adsense. One of the main advantages of the AdEx platform will be the use of smart contracts. A smart contract is a piece of software executed on the Ethereum blockchain, which contains all the terms, rules and conditions for negotiating the terms of the transaction (contract). It automatically checks the contract, and then fulfills the prescribed conditions. In the case of AdEx, these smart contracts will ensure the absence of intermediaries, which will ensure full transparency of the entire system, from the selection of ads to payment. All these functions will be defined within these smart contracts, which simplifies and guarantees the execution of the whole process. But that’s not all, the AdEx development team is working on prototypes that will include second-tier solutions. These solutions will allow advertisers and customers to easily interact with each other, avoiding transaction delays.


The Internet of People cryptocurrency is a resource that works on top of the Internet. It’s something that doesn’t belong to anyone. Peer-to-peer networks and servers were combined without the participation of “third parties”. Communication between the two sides is carried out by means of a TCP connection. P2P applications work directly, increasing business resources. The infrastructure of the IOP cryptocurrency consists of such services:

  • Hosting profile and other functions that are not passed from object to object.
  • Network placement of personal profiles makes it possible to search for each other without the participation of a third party, without restrictions from network operators.

Private networks make a profit in different ways: display of advertising, payment for services, production of a digital trace. The IOP cryptocurrency is an effective alternative to private networks. Objects determine and establish free communication independently.


The Zcoin cryptocurrency (ZCX) is a decentralized digital currency, which took the Bitcoin blockchain as a basis, but corrected its main drawbacks. Everyone believes that the use of bitcoins is very difficult to track, but it is not, because all bitcoin transactions are traceable, and ultimately can lead to the first sender of the BTCs. Technology, which is embedded in the Zcoin (ZCX) blockchain allows you to make a choice to users regarding the openness and anonymity of transactions. When sending funds in the open mode, coins pass to the recipient like in the bitcoin network, and when sending anonymously, this algorithm changes. When the sender of Zcoin makes a transfer anonymously, the coins are first destroyed, and then new ones are created on the recipient’s wallet. This approach avoids the transaction tracking process.


The Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency that uses two methods of protection in its work: Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. By combining these two algorithms, the development team managed to prevent hacker attacks on their network as much as possible. In addition to its hybrid security model, Emercoin (EMC) is also an anonymous cryptocurrency. The anonymity of Emercoin is due to the use of P2P system, in which the interception of any information is impossible.

Enjoy the easy and safe use of these cryptocurrencies at starting from now! Soon, we’ll add more new coins, as the new month starts. Remember that if your token is still not present at our exchanger you can contact our team to discuss the cooperation opportunities.

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