Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction
2 min readNov 5, 2020


XLM Price Prediction

While it may seem like a lofty goal, improving today’s worldwide fiscal infrastructure is actually possible. Stellar Lumens (or XLM) is tailor-made for that very purpose. Stellar was developed six years ago, in 2014. XLM coin has come a long way from its humble beginnings, becoming one of the most famous and largest market cap cryptocurrencies in the market. For crypto trading enthusiasts, a Stellar Lumens price prediction is important to understand XLM investment contours.

This in-depth post will walk you through an XLM price prediction. It covers both the current price and the change that crypto traders can expect to see over the next five years.

Also, let’s discuss some details before diving into the Stellar prognosis. Please note that predictions are only a way of giving you some general ideas on the direction of a coin’s price. These predictions are always subject to possible future changes. Hence, read the post as a reference to what the price might be in the next five years, — but not as an absolute truth bound to occur.

About XLM — What Is It?

Stellar is a distributed and open-source payment infrastructure. It is purposely built on the idea that the global community requires a wide-reaching fiscal network that is open to anyone. Large institutions, individual people, and even entire payment systems can operate on the Stellar platform.

The community-owned and open-source blockchain network is exclusively meant for facilitating value cross-asset transfers. It takes just one penny to facilitate the transfer. The low transaction costs enable individuals of all income levels to have access to low-cost and efficient financial services. Isn’t it a truly revolutionary innovation?

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