Tezos (XTZ) Price Prediction


What is XTZ?

The codebase for XTZ is written and operates on a functional programming language OCaml. In order to participate in the process of verifying blocks (“baking”), a user has to deposit no less than 10,000 XTZ.

Tezos’ future is bright as it has both distinctive features and optimized decentralization. Its blockchain has no need for hard forks — a protocol can build consensus in a more organic and automated manner through approval of the majority of holders. The formal code verification embedded in Tezos’ technology helps the developers avoid common errors and ensures that the written code complies with the protocol’s intended properties.

What Does the XTZ Price Depend On?

Because the correlation coefficient between XTZ and BTC is currently positive, as the price of BTC rises, the price of XTZ will rise as well. However, if the coefficient were to become negative, as it has been in the past, the price of XTZ would decrease as the price of BTC increased (and vice versa).

XTZ Price Prediction for 2020 & Long Term

Tezos Price Prediction for 2020

Tezos Price Prediction for 2021

Price Forecast for the Upcoming Years

Walletinvestor believes XTZ price will be around $7–8 by 2025. Tradingbeasts do not expect any significant rise in the future, with their price prediction being about $2.3–3 by 2023. Digitalcoinprice expects Tezos price to be around $6–11 by 2025.

Where to buy XTZ coins?

As a non-custodial service, we do not store any of your funds — so you have full control over your assets. Also, ChangeNOW does not require any form of account creation, which is crucial to ensure your security and anonymity. Since there is no personal information stored on the platform, data leaks of this kind are simply impossible.

A major advantage of ChangeNOW is that an average exchange takes you no more than 5 minutes. Special algorithms pick the best rate available on the market at the time of the exchange, so you don’t have to worry you have missed an opportunity to exchange XTZ with better rates.

ChangeNOW Buying Guide for XTZ

Step 1. From the homepage, choose a currency and enter the purchase amount, your XTZ coins will be automatically calculated. Press on the Buy button.

Step 2. Enter the address where you would like to receive your XTZ coins. In case you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, create one with one of the parter services of ChangeNOW.

Step 3. Double-check your information, then click Confirm.

Step 4. Complete the purchasing process, and you will receive your coins in a few minutes.

Buy Tezos with Credit or Debit Card


Although we hope this article gave you a good insight into Tezos future, we always recommend you to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. The market is quite a volatile and risky place — so please remember about wise investment rules that will allow you to save and multiply your funds. And remember that ChangeNOW is always around ready to help you with this goal.

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