The Choice of 2020: DigiByte Wallet

Digibyte coin wallet is a good option for users interested in more favorable conditions, including low fees, discounts, advanced functionality, the ability to implement one’s own projects on blockchain platforms. ChangeNOW will show you the way.

The Safest Digibyte wallet

A hard version is the safest option. Digibyte Ledger wallet is the most reliable gadget.

Imagine a hardware wallet as a mini-computer. Firstly, it securely stores the private key. What happens when you need to send a transaction?

You need to connect it to a computer and connect to the Internet. A hardware wallet must also use a website or software to send a transaction. However, the transaction is signed inside the hardware wallet, so your private key remains secure and is never transferred to your computer or to the website/software used.

In fact, even you wouldn’t be able to see your private key on the hardware wallet yourself!

Choosing Free Digibyte Coin Wallet

Even though Digibyte airdrop on Neon wallet hasn’t been announced yet, we would recommend to download it in case and follow the news. It is a good Digibyte wallet for ios, by the way.

Digibyte Go wallet is a secure DigiByte mobile wallet to store your DGB digital assets. You can download it on Google Chrome. DigiByte Go was rebranded from DigiByte Gaming Wallet in October 2017.

Guarda Digibyte wallet is, in our opinion, the best wallet for Digibyte. It is a relatively new Digibyte staking wallet with the option of token purchase with the bank card.

The official site announces versions for every platform: desktop variant and, of course, Digibyte mobile wallet.

Hope we helped you with the choice of Digibyte cryptocurrency wallet!

Originally published at on February 2, 2020.

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