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From John McAfee to Bill Gates, there are many bald predictions that are made about the Bitcoin Price (USD value). The fact that it’s a topic of discussion is no surprise. The invention of the first major digital currency has brought many people extreme wealth, while at the other hand many have lost fortunes. Where many experts are expressing their extreme trust in the long term value of Bitcoin. We have lined up a top 10 of the baldest predictions made by the experts about this topic. Many interesting statements are being made and many people are basing their predictions on different factors, the most dominant one being a gut feeling and trust disguised in indicators and complex theories. Who their experts are and what they are saying, you can read it below!

10. Bill Gates — $0.00 dollars

9. Kenneth Rogoff — $100 dollars

8. Thomas Lee — $25.000 dollars

As the founder of LDJ Capital, Drake is calling for a price of bitcoin in 2019 of 30.000 dollars. What it takes is simply the fact that the total supply is limited, the Bitcoin halving being around the corner and the ask will increase in comparison to the decreasing supply. One thing to take into consideration is that unlike many others, Drake is calling for many other cryptocurrencies (read Alts) will play an important factor in the financial system of the future.

6. Vinny Lingham — $100.000 dollars

5. Max Kreiser — $100.000 dollars

4. Trace Mayer — $115.000 dollars

3. Tim Draper — $250.000 dollars

2. Cameron Winklevoss — $320.000 dollars

1. John McAfee — $1.000.000 dollars

What the actual price will be in the upcoming years is something no one can tell to be precise. Predictions are to be made to bring hope or fear into the market, a fresh sense of sentiment that will either spike up the price or bring it down further. One thing that should be considered is to always check for the goal behind the prediction made by the so-called expert. Whenever the public news stations, the JP Morgans and others are calling Bitcoin the biggest scam of the century, there’s always a deeper incentive. After calling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole a scam for many years, many of these big and traditional parties are now turning tables and investing in Blockchain technology themselves. The fact that the technology behind Bitcoin is part of our current society is inevitable, what the future has to bring for Bitcoin itself, that’s something only time will tell.

Originally published at on August 12, 2019.

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