Top 6 Blockchain Games

Blockchain has revolutionized how we perform online transactions. It has found increasing usage in multiple industries. Clearly, the entertainment industry, with lots of capital and traffic, took advantage of it, and we see several blockchain games coming up every week.

These games not only improve your problem-solving or cognitive abilities but also provide you with an opportunity to earn real money! Yes. You can earn cryptocurrencies by playing some of these blockchain games.

We bring to you our list of the best crypto games:

#1 Gods Unchained

It is an Etherum based trading card game (TCG). It is backed by Coinbase, a digital currency exchange, and built by some of the best engineers who have earlier worked with Google and Riot games.

The game can be played for free by heading over to their website and downloading their client for PC. In the game, you have to collect packs to attain cards, play with them, or even sell them for money. As a new player, you get 3 free packs and you earn more packs by playing the game or buying them directly from other players or the in-game shop. The trading cards have four tiers: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary.

Each game involves two players and you can select to play online with another human player or play against the computer. The game is not for the faint-hearted, you need to strategize and tacitly keep dynamic gameplay with each turn to win against your opponent. Moreover, it is simple enough to learn but deep enough for competitive matches.

The game boasts about its fair competitive play, as you don’t necessarily need to buy packs to excel and win. You can earn the same cards just by playing. For this very fact, MIT Technology Review praised it by saying, “Gods Unchained shows us the future of ownership” and it has often been cited in magazines like Forbes, Fortune, and the Vice. Users claim to have earned $30 for a card which they simply earned by playing, it’s a real P2E (Play to Earn) platform.

Moving towards the gameplay, the graphics, soundtracks, animations, and themes resemble a royal courtyard and the matches take place in a castle-like location. The game has four main battle modes: Quick Sealed, Constructed, Rank Constructed, and Solo. In the initial mode, Quick Sealed, you choose a deck of 50 cards from a random set of cards while for the other three modes, you use a pre-built deck. You play until you get three losses and based on the number of wins, you get rewards. You can earn new packs and cards and also gain levels on your existing cards, enabling you to progress and unlock new abilities.

Gods Unchained is a complete fun packed blockchain game, which lets you take full control over your in-game rewards and purchases, the cards could be sold for cryptocurrency, all game features can be unlocked by simply playing and it’s all available for free.

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