USDt TON Listing on ChangeNOW!

ChangeNOW is thrilled to announce the listing of USDT TON, combining Tether’s robustness with the innovative technology of the TON blockchain. This integration marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide seamless and secure crypto trading experiences to users worldwide.
4 min readMay 15, 2024

What are TON and Tether?

TON (The Open Network) is a community-driven blockchain designed to build the Web3 ecosystem within Telegram. We’ve recently explored the rich history of TON, delving into its evolution and potential.

Tether (USDT) is the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, designed to maintain a stable value by being pegged directly to the U.S. dollar. This pegging theoretically protects USDT from the price volatility seen in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), providing a stable asset for traders during market fluctuations.

In partnership with Tether, TON has introduced USDt, bringing the market’s most sought-after stablecoin to over 900 million Telegram users. This collaboration aims to onboard millions of crypto enthusiasts into the Web3 ecosystem.

In just four weeks, USDt-TON has achieved a significant milestone, with over $200 million in circulation. This rapid growth marks a new record as the fastest USDt launch in Tether’s history.

Why Choose ChangeNOW for Purchasing USDt

1. Low and Transparent Fees. ChangeNOW offers competitive and transparent fees for cryptocurrency exchanges. Our clear fee structure ensures users can make informed decisions without worrying about hidden costs.

2. Instant Exchange. Our platform enables users to convert their cryptocurrencies into USDt TON swiftly. With advanced technology, we provide fast and seamless exchanges, allowing users to execute transactions quickly and efficiently.

3. Competitive Rates. We constantly monitor market trends to offer the best possible exchange rates for USDt TON and other cryptocurrencies, ensuring optimal value for users.

4. No Registration Required. ChangeNOW allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without creating an account. This hassle-free approach eliminates the need for account creation, streamlining the exchange process for maximum convenience and privacy.

5. 24/7 Customer Support. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to provide timely assistance and resolve any inquiries.

USDt: A Game-Changer for Global Transactions

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting its alignment with TON’s vision for a decentralized internet and borderless financial ecosystem. Integrating USDt with TON will streamline global transactions, offering a user experience comparable to traditional financial systems and advancing the goal of enhancing financial infrastructure across blockchain platforms.

This partnership is crucial to TON’s mission of integrating cryptocurrency into everyday life, making digital assets accessible directly from Telegram and potentially introducing millions to the Web3 ecosystem. USDt on TON provides a stable and secure entry point for newcomers to explore DeFi on Telegram and expand their understanding of the digital economy.

How to Purchase USDt on ChangeNOW

Buying USDt TON on ChangeNOW is straightforward:

1. Visit ChangeNOW Website. Navigate to
2. Select Your Cryptocurrency. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange for USDt TON.
3. Enter USDt TON as the Destination. In the “You Get” field, enter “USDt TON.”
4. Enter the Amount. Specify the amount of cryptocurrency you want to exchange.
5. Provide Your Wallet Address. Enter the wallet address where you want to receive your USDt TON.
6. Confirm Transaction. Review and confirm the transaction details.
7. Deposit Your Cryptocurrency. Follow the instructions to deposit your cryptocurrency.
8. Wait for Confirmation. Once confirmed, ChangeNOW will process the exchange.
9. Receive Your USDt TON. You will receive your USDt TON in your specified wallet.

How to Earn with USDt?

Telegram Wallet recently launched two campaigns that allow participants to earn extra TON coins. To participate, buy USDt now on ChangeNOW with the lowest fees and join the event!


Adding USDT TON to ChangeNOW is a significant step in bringing TON-based assets to the wider crypto world. By enabling users to trade USDT TON, ChangeNOW empowers them to participate in the expanding world of DeFi and blockchain applications on the TON blockchain. This move reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving crypto landscape, providing users with access to the latest and most valuable tools and assets.

ChangeNOW is excited to announce an upcoming campaign to celebrate the listing of USDT TON on our platform. This campaign will engage our community, highlighting the significance of the USDT TON listing and the growing importance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details on how to participate and win exciting prizes!

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