Weekly: The most influential people in crypto every beginner should know [ChangeNOW’s Blog]

Happy Tuesday, crypto people! As always, we all know that the world of cryptocurrency, as any other space, has its own celebrities. The people we will be talking about in this article have left the most noticeable trace in crypto history. Of course, this list can not be called complete, but the figures mentioned in here are the ones truly every beginner needs to know — that’s why we have decided to make this a series of weekly articles, telling you about 5 famous crypto people every week! Here’s another 5 people worth knowing about.

Craig Wright
This Australian businessman and computer scientist is known for being the Chief Scientist on nChain (startup focusing on transaction conducting) and claiming that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Also, Wright is the founder of DeMorgan INC cryptocurrency. Even those who have not heard anything about Craig Wright before became acquainted with this entrepreneur after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and the still-ongoing ideological war with Roger Ver. Wright claims that BCH needs to become closer to its roots and come back to Satoshi’s ideas on crypto.

Jackson Palmer
Jackson is mainly famous for being Dogecoin creator. His cryptocurrency started off as a joke, but suddenly rocketed and gained a capitalisation of $1B+. Dogecoin is accepted in major cryptocurrency exchanges (including ChangeNOW) and is widely used for trading. Now, Palmer is a Group Product Manager for Adobe cloud products. Besides that, Jackson manages to find some spare time to run a popular YouTube channel with cryptoanalysis.

Jon Matonis
Jon is known as a Bitcoin researcher and economist. Currently, he is the Founding Director as well as co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation. Matonis is also the chairman of Globitex — an exchange for Bitcoin and its derivatives. However, Jon’s regalia list does not end on this — Mr. Matonis is, above all that, a Board Member at First Global Credit (cryptocurrency investment and advisory company based in Geneva, Switzerland).

Joey Zhou
Mostly, Zhou is famous as an active angel investor for startups and an advisor for entrepreneurship beginners. In the crypto community, Joey is appreciated as a person who wrote the first node implementation of Ethereum and made major contributions to the development of geth, go-ethereum and cpp-ethereum protocols. Currently, Joey Zhou is a managing partner at Cyborgenic, a consulting firm focusing on fintech innovations.

Naval Ravikant
Ravikant is the co-founder and CEO of The AngelList and Bitwise Asset Management investor. Bitwise Asset Management, is you have not heard of it, is one of the pioneering cryptocurrency index funds. Also, Naval is providing advisory services and funds to Blockstack blockchain startup — it has recently released its very first decentralised browser.

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