Weekly: The most influential people in crypto every beginner should know [ChangeNOW’s Blog]

Happy Tuesday, crypto people! As always, we all know that the world of cryptocurrency, as any other space, has its own celebrities. The people we will be talking about in this article have left the most noticeable trace in crypto history. Of course, this list can not be called complete, but the figures mentioned in here are the ones truly every beginner needs to know — that’s why we have decided to make this a series of weekly articles, telling you about 5 famous crypto people every week! Here’s another 5 people worth knowing about.

Back is a programmer and bitcoin enthusiast, who implemented the first proof-of-work and decentralised mining — functions used in Bitcoin up until now. Adam has a long story of working with e-cash systems from 1995 and sure made his name in this field. Besides, Mr Back is known as an extremely active member of the Bitcoin community, commenting on technical issues, privacy and other BTC-related topics. Currently Back is the CEO of a blockchain technology company Blockstream.

Bobby is known to be the founder of BTCC — the first cryptocurrency exchange in China. Since 2011, Lee has been a loyal follower of Bitcoin and, when creating BTCC, had a vision of a solution for Bitcoin in whole China. The point of BTCC was to create a functional exchange, provide secure wallets and solve other problems that may appear on the way.

Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Blockchain, a company that provides software to power various crypto applications worldwide. Smith is considered an expert in the world of crypto and has been featured in such media giants as Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Bloomberg.

The founder of P2P foundation. P2P specialises in understanding and describing the impact of peer-to-peer technology on society. Bauwens also is a well-known researcher in peer-to-peer, a speaker in major cryptocurrency conferences around the world and a journalist. His publications were released in Al Jazeera, Open Democracy and The New York Times.

Charlie is an entrepreneur, co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation (and its former vice chairman), and founder of CryptoIQ advisory. In 2014 Shrem was sentenced for two years in prison for operating an unlicensed business related to the Silk Road. Besides of being widely known as a controversial figure and a Bitcoin Evangelist, Shrem has been a Bitcoin investor from 2011.

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