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Happy Monday, crypto people! As always, we all know that the world of cryptocurrency, as any other space, has its own celebrities. The people we will be talking about in this article have left the most noticeable trace in crypto history. Of course, this list can not be called complete, but the figures mentioned in here are the ones truly every beginner needs to know — that’s why we have decided to make this a series of weekly articles, telling you about 5 famous crypto people every week! Today, we are going to talk about 5 more.

The son of Don Tapscott, besides being an author like his father (Harvard Business Review, Fortune, The Globe, Mail, Quartz etc.), is also a top-tier business executive. Alex is currently heading Northwest Passage Ventures, an advisory company that develops industry-leading blockchain businesses. Bringing back the topic of writing, Alex became a co-author for #1 Globe and Mail bestseller, Blockchain Revolution.

Renown computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer. Most prominent of his works is the research in digital contracts, digital currency and designed bit gold in 1998. The term “Smart Contracts” also belongs to Szabo. Some users even say that this computer genius much be Satoshi Nakamoto himself, but Szabo himself denies it.

Roger Ver became interested in cryptocurrencies from the very beginning of the whole deal and is considered the first angel investor of Bitcoin startups. In short, he helped to start the first generation of Bitcoin business. Also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, Ver saw Bitcoin as a way to promote economic freedom. Generally, the personality of the investor is quite controversial as in 2002 Ver was sentenced to 10 months in prison for selling explosives on eBay. This story became so scandalous that even now critics use it to portray the influencer in a negative light. However, this was a thing of the past — now Ver is supporting Bitcoin Cash and believes that the utility of Bitcoin is damaged. He also pushes the idea of increasing the blocksize limit which will allow the customers to pay in Bitcoin with reduced fees.

Andresen co-programmed Bitcoin code along with Satoshi Nakamoto and is one of the most influential people in the world of Bitcoin. Gavin’s role in Bitcoin is so significant that he is one of the people having access to the alert key (the key that enables sending messages to all Bitcoin clients regarding critical network failures). The story of gaining the key is as mysterious as it can be — the influencer gained the access to this valuable data after Satoshi’s infamous disappearance.

This entrepreneur, speaker and author is often referred to as “the ambassador of Bitcoin”. Besides publishing a popular guide for learning crypto called “Mastering Bitcoin”, Antonopoulos is known as a person promoting cryptocurrency and bitcoin education to a various range of audiences. For example, Andreas appeared as a guest speaker on Experience podcast, made a career as a startup advisor and even advised the Canadian Senate once.

We at ChangeNOW are doing our best to keep the community educated. Tune in next week to learn more about the most influential people in the crypto world!

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