Weekly: What’s Hot on the Crypto Market [ChangeNOW’s Blog]

Hi, crypto-curious Medium community! During the previous week, there has been quite a bit going on in the crypto world. In What’s Hot? ChangeNOW offers weekly reviews of the most interesting and trending happenings on the crypto market. The previous week was marked with some significant price drops. Our featured heroes in this are, as usual, Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the cold breath of the crypto winter was not the only thing we felt.

Bitcoin price continues to struggle

On December 11, two major cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped for more than another 3%. The top cryptos were (kind of) demonstrating the signs of a potential corrective rally, ERC20 tokens went down with a ship and plunged by about 10 per cent.

BTC price stopped at a $3.370 mark. The cryptocurrency experts say that the most disturbing feature in this whole Bitcoin situation is the low daily volume of BTC. Basically, the currency is free-falling and nothing is there to stop it. Ethereum price can be currently found in a similar situation.

The BTC price surge continued during the week — already on December 14, the price of this widely popular crypto was at a new yearly low ($3.200). Other major cryptocurrencies followed the trend and experienced equally large losses.

HTC Exodus 1 team sends updates

If you have not heard of it before, HTC Exodus 1 is the first ever phone focused on the blockchain technology. This smartphone is a native blockchain mobile phone and is aimed at working with crypto and DApps.

Brendan Eich (the co-founder of the company) announced in his Twitter, that Brave will be the default browser on HTC Exodus 1. The companies have not disclosed more data on the partnership, but we are sure that Brave and HTC collaboration is going to be great for the future smartphone holders.

Bitcoin enjoys the media popularity

According to Google Trends, “What is Bitcoin?” is one of the most popular searches in 2018. The company released their end-of-the-year review recently and, according to the results, people want to know about Bitcoin more than about racketeering, DACA and the government shutdown.

Possible, the growing interest is caused by wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies along with dropping prices. Sure, the media adds gasoline to the fire as well by constantly publishing crypto-related content.

Tokens are having a hard time

The market valuation of ERC20 tokens and other low volume cryptocurrencies fell below $100 million. The tokens have been struggling, basically, for the whole year — many projects did not manage to reach their goals and deliver business models.

The summary for the end of 2018 looks nothing but grim — many tokens lost 99 per cent of their value.

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