Weekly: What’s Hot on the Crypto Market [ChangeNOW’s Blog]

Hi, crypto-curious Medium community! During the previous week, there has been quite a bit going on in the crypto world. In What’s Hot? ChangeNOW offers weekly reviews of the most interesting and trending happenings on the crypto market. The previous week of cryptocurrency news was, so to say, bumpy. First of all, it had a pretty bad start for the biggest crypto camp:

Bitcoin price crashes again
On Monday, the Bitcoin price continued tits epic crash journey. Before 26th November, Bitcoin was showing slight gains during the early Asian trading session, but the growth did not last for too long. The popular currency attempted another yearly low of approximately $3.455. The overall numbers are — 14% crash and making the bearish action possible.

Bitcoin wallets are under attack
One more in the row of bad news for Bitcoin holders. A Node.js module called event-stream (a widely used module that is being utilised by Copay, for instance) was reportedly compromised. The developer updates the module that already had malware with it and then tried to patch the problem and avoid publicity. However, those who had installed the malware version remain affected. Copay is just one of the library use examples — there are more crypto applications out there that use the above-mentioned Node.js module and may be compromised by the attack.

Dogecoin is back and thriving
Previous couple weeks were sure very hard for the cryptocurrency market. However, there are survivors. Dogecoin demand has risen, and so did the price — the gain was about 10%. Dogecoin is one of the coins that have not been heard of in a while, although it is listed on all the major exchanges. If you have not heard about Dogecoin yet, we will give you a little bit of background: the coin was created as a joke currency and has an unlimited number of tokens.

Bitcoin price surges
On November 28, the price of Bitcoin managed to climb 8% overnight, making a $4.000 comeback. Ripple XPR and Ethereum ETH joined the corrective rally and gained 6–9%, too.
Unfortunately, the fun did not last for too long. The large cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and BCH) have dropped in value once again. The crypto market lost more than $6 billion.
BTC price has lost another $150. So, the possibility of dropping below $4.000 became closer once again. The experts say that BTC price is in danger of stabilising in the $3.500+ range.

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