What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

The purpose of each new project is to gain popularity among the part of the community where the project is going to conduct its activities. One can get the very popularity by one single way — advertising, which in turn can be used in different hypostases. Some of the effective ways to attract new users to the project are:

- bounty campaigns;

- AirDrop.

AirDrop is one of the two most effective methods for obtaining free cryptocurrency (tokens). During the AirDrop, the developers of the project give free coins for everyone, and in return ask to register on their resource or perform any other simple task. Another common option is when the developers pay the holders of their tokens 10–15% of bonuses.

To get free tokens, usually, developers ask to:

- register on the website;

- join the Telegram channel;

- make a repost on social networks;

- fill in the form or simply enter your ETH wallet address.

Most often, developers arrange ERC20 tokens AirDrop. Sometimes this is done for tokens built on a different technology, but much less often.

For the users, AirDrop is an opportunity to get coins almost effortlessly and earn on them later. But for this purpose it is worth participating not in all consecutive distributions, but only in perspective ones. Here is a small list of recent successful AirDrops:

  • TRON — distributed 30M TRX tokens by April 2018
  • Ambr — distributed out 10,000 AMBR in April 2018
  • Papyrus — distributed 5 PPR for each participant in November 2018

The developers use this AirDrop because of its simplicity and efficiency, and users are able to earn tokens, which they will be able to sell on the top exchanges in the future.

This method is effective, as it is aimed at encouraging an active part of the community, which is ready to carry out activities on the Internet in order to promote the project for the award. Developers do not suffer from paying a part of their tokens for advertising.

AirDrop works on the principle of word of mouth, when a person who receives tokens for simple actions, will recommend to his friends to do the same, and so on.

Thus, AirDrop is a free distribution of tokens to active members of the crypto community. The project itself becomes more famous, and users have the opportunity to earn on the sale of these tokens in the future if the project turns out to be profitable.

By the way, soon we`ll conduct our own AirDrop event at ChangeNOW! Stay tuned to learn more and to get our tokens for free!

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