What is Kishu Inu, One Of The Doge Meme Coins?

Kishu Inu belongs to a cohort of cryptocurrencies inspired by Dogecoin — a meme coin whose value is mostly based on the activity of its community that loves Doge. KISHU was launched in April 2021 as a decentralized cryptocurrency with a focus on building a robust active community with incentives for users to spend the token.

Although Kishu Inu has recently announced reaching 200,000 token holders, its price dynamic has been quite moderate across this summer. Let’s see what KISHU is and what the future for it may look like.

What is Kishu Inu?

When KISHU was launched in April 2021, it intended to become the “Dogecoin’s big brother” that would grow faster than the original coin. This goal is yet to be achieved, but the community is really growing fast: there are over 203k KISHU holders to date, and it truly is decentralized: the largest KISHU address possesses 11.5% of the token, and there are only 7 addresses that hold more than 1%. The community is also pretty active on the KISHU Twitter with 144k followers.

What is the KISHU team?

Besides co-founders, there are also about 20 team members involved in marketing and community management. They are currently volunteers; however, as Kishu Inu states in its roadmap, it’s planning to hire full-time team members and attract a bigger number of volunteers. KISHU is a non-profit project and there are no tokens reserved for development, so anyone can donate to help Kishu Inu run.

What is the KISHU roadmap?

The current phase is called Utility and it focused on the following:

  • Launching KISHU Paw Print — a wallet tracker mobile app where users can see their KISHU stats and how it changes over time.
  • Launching KISHU sWag — a merchandise store for Kishu fans to represent the project “in the wild.”
  • Achieving more CEX listings.
  • Reaching 100,000 token holders and 50,000 Telegram members.
  • Launching Influencer Awareness Partnerships that help advertise and promote Kishu Inu to a wider audience.

Everything on this list has already been achieved. The team has reached 200k holders and 70k Telegram members. As for the centralized exchanges, reaching out to them is a sign that Kishu Inu wants to attract a wider audience and go beyond the DEX community that doesn’t usually use CEXes. OKEx, Poloniex, BitMart listings make it more accessible to traders and thus more sought-after.

The only thing yet to achieve in the current Utility phase is the launch of KISHU Crate (NFT Marketplace). Kishu Inu is planning to hold a contest for artists where the community members will choose which pieces should be listed on the marketplace.

As Kishu Inu achieves most of its goals, the future direction of the project is not as clear — nothing beyond the current phase is outlined.

What are the incentives for Kishu Inu users?

To spend KISHU and swap it for other tokens, anyone can use KishuSwap — an official decentralized exchange of the community. It allows exchanging various ERC20 tokens and is powered by Uniswap.

To ensure a high level of security for the users, the team has ordered an audit of their smart contract. It was passed successfully.

What is Tenshi?

Where can I buy and trade KISHU?

KISHU Wallets

KISHU exchanges

Today, you can also easily buy KISHU on ChangeNOW. Unlike centralized exchanges, we don’t ask you for registration, KYC and don’t store your funds. Unlike decentralized exchanges, we allow buying KISHU for assets based on dozens of blockchains besides Ethereum.

Key takeaways for Kishu Inu

The team does a lot to incentivize the community and boost its activity, and currently, it has to do something else to ensure positive traction to the coin. If you have a positive price prediction for KISHU, visit ChangeNOW to buy the token in a few minutes without registration.

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