Why Is Amp Token a Promising Asset?

What Is AMP?

What is Flexa? How does it guarantee secure payments?

Amp token secures Flexa payments from software glitches and breaches

Why does the future look bright for AMP?

  • Staking rewards. For staking AMP and taking the risk of compensating for the potential hacks and lags, the holders are rewarded in Amp tokens. That’s why investors are incentivized to buy the asset and stake it in the Flexa app.
  • AMP can be used as a means of payment within Flexa. Since it’s compatible with a great number of digital coins, merchants and traders can be provided with instant confirmation for the exchange of any kind of asset.
  • Staking rewards rise along with real-world adoption of Flexa. The more merchants leverage the payment network, the higher the staking yields — this is how rewards come from real-world use. So far, over 40k merchants across the USA and Canada leverage the Flexa network. The platform can be integrated into many online stores such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, or Shopify, which also adds to its use case.

Is AMP secure?

Where can I buy and store AMP?




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